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10 Things That All of Us Should Know About Hima Das

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The one who made history last week. The one who kept improving and improving. The one who is the first Indian girl who has won the gold medal at the World U-20 Championships 2018 at Tampere, Finland, in Women’s 400m with a time of 51.46 seconds.

Yes! We are taking about, the one and only,
‘Hima Das’!

1. She was born on January 9, 2000. Yup! She is only 18 years old.


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2. She is the youngest one of the five kids of Jomali and Ranjit Das (Her parents).

3. Her training began in her father’s rice fields in Dhing village in Assam. From rice fields to the racing field, it has been a sweaty as well as glorious journey for Hima Das.

4. Her speedy talent was first identified when she was playing football with the boys. She knows how to play football as well.

5. Being a daughter of the farmer, she could not afford a pair of spikes when she started running. It was only 2 years ago when she started using sport gears.

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6. As per Nipon Das (who is Hima’s coach), she always prefers to practise with boys which helps her refining her performance.

7. Her coach discerned her talent during a state level meet in 2016 in Sivsagar. And, this is the turning point of Hima’s life.

8. In 2017, Nipon Das convinced Hima to shift to Guwahati because of better amenities for sports.

9. Training with boys made Hima Das stupendous, as she finished 400m Race in Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 51.32 seconds, which happened this year in April only.

10. The girl is preparing for Common wealth games which is to be held in August 2018. All the best Hima for your upcoming championships! 

“I’ve high expectations from her and I’m pretty sure she will accomplish all my dreams”, said her coach. She is the rising and the inspiring star of India. From winning Gold and to many more championships Hima has eye on, Take a bow and lets salute to the brightest diamond of all times.

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