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10 Bollywood Motivational Dialogues That You Should Not Miss: 2.0

Lunch Box motivational dialogues
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Bollywood is the land of dreams, aspirations, love, and inspiration. It has made movies that have inspired us to greatness! And sometimes in a not-so-inspirational movie, comes up motivational dialogues that stay with us.

We here at curiouskeeda have gathered some of those beautiful motivational dialogues from Bollywood, just in case you are feeling low and need some upliftment!

Barfi rightly asked all of us to be a little carefree sometimes. It is good to shoo away all the responsibilities and be happy.

Barfi motivational dialogues
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Be dedicated in what you do, it is sure to fetch you great results.

Border motivational dialogues
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In Anand Saigal rightly said It is always good to have a life in which you have done something commendable. Living for 100 years will do you no good unless you make those 100 years count.

Anand motivational dialogues
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The badass guy said it right that pierced the heart and reached the soul.

Once Upon A Time motivational dialogues
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Netwon said it right. Be what you want to be, bring the change you want to see.

Newton motivational dialogues
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Keep you will strong, you will be able to reach your mission even with no support.

Shootout at wadala motivational dialogues
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Baapu from Dangal said it right, you have to be dedicated enough and should have the will-power in life to become what you want to become.

Dangal dialogues
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Love your Zindagi! Let your emotions and thoughts be free, in this way you will be able to live the life you want to live.

Dear Zindagi rona, gussa, nafrat
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If you have that big idea in mind, have the courage to make it big.

Badmaash Company  business bade idea
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Live in the day, do not keep on chasing and working for the future.

zindagi na milegi dobara dialogue
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