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What Happens to Your Body When You Cut Down on Coffee?

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We all have been starting our days with coffee for a couple of years now and we all just can’t imagine our mornings without one freshly brewed cup for the same. Crazy coffee lover? One who can’t live without a daily dose of caffeine? Whatever may it be, ever thought what happens when you quit drinking coffee?

Coffee undoubtedly is a deliciously complex drink. It has been the subject of various studies where scientists have tried to find out as to how it affects our health.

Some people say that a hot cup of java in the morning has only a positive impact on our body as it helps to kick start the day better. Others however warn us that coffee consumption may increase the risk of chronic diseases in the future. But, the truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between.

You will be surprised to know the changes that might happen to your body if you refuse to consume that delicious drink for 30 days. To prove this, we have prepared a health experiment especially for you.

Here are the changes that take place in your body when you plan to skip coffee for a month.

Week 1

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The first day of this 30-day challenge will surely be the hardest for you as we all are used to brewing a hot java cup as soon as we wake up. If you plan to skip it, you might think you have not followed your routine properly. But when you do it, when you skip having that morning energy dose, the complete day you would just want to sleep and just would not be able to concentrate on things. Throughout the week, even if you try different treats like that of green or fruit-flavored drinks, fruits and nuts salads some of them might help you forget your love (coffee), but you would not find solace. All this happens because coffee is an addictive drink as it has caffeine that is an addictive substance and it affects our brain enormously. Since the chemistry of the brain changes when you skip coffee and have something else it starts to demand a larger amount of caffeine to get the desired results. Having start consuming something else than coffee we didn’t give that result to the brain. Try replacing it with the minimum, by having tea and chicory. By replacing your drink, you will soon be able to train your brain.

Week 2

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As the days pass you will surely have an enormous desire to drink coffee as you haven’t had it for long. Chicory or substitute drinks would not work anymore. You will have to resist the temptation and later you’ll be proud that you did that. At this stage the body comes to its minimum, that is why there was no use to consume any substitute drinks. Week 2 is actually the hardest of all the stages. During this time, you might get symptoms like that of fatigue, headaches and even mood swings. But be a warrior and try fighting them

Week 3

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By week 3 you’ll start noticing the results of not giving your body caffeine and skipping the coffee. You’ll start finding it much easier to fall asleep at night without tossing and turning in bed for hours. This is because the caffeine boost lasts up to 6 hours, and if you have coffee less than 6 hours before going to the bed you will end up lying in bed wide awake. As a result, in the morning, you will feel tired of which you will need an extra dose of caffeine. And the circle continues. That is why when you quit drinking coffee, your body adjusts to a lifestyle without any caffeine and your sleep becomes deeper and better.

Week 4

Curiouskeeda - Cut Down Coffee -4

By this time getting up early will become easier. If you have to get up for work at six, you’ll be able to do that. But before I bet you would snooze your alarm and get late for work. Now you will feel much better getting out of bed and doing things. Well, many sources say that coffee is the very source of antioxidants. It is not a complete truth! All caffeinated drinks have a bad impact on your health in the long run. That is why when quitting them and shifting to drinking more water, you start to get more natural energy which results in better health, better sleep, and a better look.

What this 4-week experiment will give you is:

1. Better sleep
After quitting coffee, you can sleep sound and feel rested after 6 hours. Just that is enough to get down on coffee I think.

2. More energy
It turns out that a rested body does not need coffee to wake up. You will become calmer and your productivity will increase.

Curiouskeeda - Cut Down Coffee -After Week 4

3. Better looks
Healthy sleep makes you look fresh and you will surely get rid of the dark circles that you’ve always hated. Moreover, your teeth will turn out looking brighter and whiter.

4. Better mood
Many of us feel grumpy until the first sip of coffee. Not consuming caffeine erases those ups and downs and as a result, we have a good mood always.

Okayyy almost over!

5. No more addiction
After all this, you will not feel the need to have coffee unnecessarily and you will think what made you love coffee like crazy before. It was not the coffee that you loved, it was the daily ritual you followed of brewing and drinking it in the morning. You can easily replace it with some other routine.

Can you think of any?? Please do let us know in the comment section below. And hit the like button if you are one of those who is already living a healthy life.
We are not asking you to quit coffee altogether, let it be not a habit but an occasion.




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