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Types of Food You Can Have With Your Hands!


We all are well-versed with dinner table basic nuts and bolts: Chew food with your mouth shut, keep your elbows off the table, and use a fork while eating your food and not your fingers—correct? Not actually. A few nourishments are intended to be eaten without utensils.

One of the more terrific triumphs of human culture over nature is our determination when eating to avoid touching food with anything besides executes. Our self-satisfaction with this sublime example of artificiality, however, should not lead us to expect that people who constantly eat with their hands are any less determined than we are to carry on “appropriately”; for they also overlay “animal” impulses with habits and enjoy both constraints and the ornamentations which characterize well-mannered behaviour. Food is love! Hands are delicate to texture and temperature, silent and smooth – provided, obviously, they have been appropriately trained. Here’s how to enjoy them and still maintain good manners.


cheese- best food for youngsters
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Tiny, bite-sized piece of cheeses like that of cheddar can instantly be popped into your mouth by hand. If the cheeses are being served on a shared plate with a shared knife, use that knife to cut the morsels, never your own. Cheese on crackers can also be eaten with your hands. Next time you have a stack of cheese in front of you, do not fear and take your hand forward.

Dinners Roll

Starter food in Cafe Delhi Heights

If you’re served a biscuit or roll with dinner—even at a fancy restaurant just like Café Delhi Heights. Some say Cafe Delhi heights is a great place to come over for perfect date others say it’s the place to walk in with the family and extended family yet others come to celebrate an evening with friends or for some to come for drinks.  Dinners rolls are finger foods. But there’s a polite way to eat it. Treat it like your girlfriend.  Rather than buttering it whole and biting into it, pull it apart into small, bite-size pieces then butter each one separately. There you have it!


best food for young adults
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Pizza, the heavenly adobe, in general, is perfectly fine to be picked up eaten with your hands. “The best way to eat it is to loosely fold a slice in half to keep the edges from dripping,” says a pizza expert. But there are some times when it’s really best to use utensils—like if it’s a messy deep-dish slice, or if you’re eating in it Italy, Naples where it’s traditional to eat pizza with a fork and knife. Poor you!


Italian best food
Olives from Spain

Not asking you to pick up olives from your hand everywhere you find them! If the olives are in your pasta, salad, or other food, eat them with a fork. But when you’re eating individual olives, like from an hors d’ oeuvres bowl or a cheese plate, it’s polite to use your fingers. It’s even okay to take the pit out of your mouth with your hands if you modestly block the motion with your other hand.


sushi- japanese food

Not everyone is pro with the art of chopsticks! Chopsticks are undoubtedly the go-to for most diners when enjoying this traditional Japanese food. But sushi is actually meant to be eaten with your hands! (Surprised?) just because pinching them with chopsticks can make the rice fall out or crumble out. Only one kind of sushi which is sashimi, having pieces of fish unaccompanied by rice, should be eaten with chopsticks. If you’re on a date or at an important business lunch, you’ll want to avoid these foods, including sushi, that can be a social minefield. Take a note!

We hope you will keep a note of these and follow them religiously. If food is your love, you must take this challenge.

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