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Things that only a foodie will understand while ordering something on food-delivery apps

People Eating Food
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The pizza has a secret superpower
It’s cheesy yummy stuffing always makes me wonder
The Chinese food melts my heart
And the Indian food and I can’t live apart
Yes! We are talking about foodie!

Foodies are those who have an emotional attachment with the food. Not only a foodie keeps a record of his/her eating habits, a foodie always involves food in all their little plans. From going out for a movie to binge-watching, a foodie makes sure of the fact that they are never out of food. 

With the establishment of food apps and their abundance of options, the life of a foodie has become much more difficult. 

We all, “as foodies” encounter a lot of problems while ordering something on these food-delivery apps. 


Decision! Decision!

decision thinking for food
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Which restaurant do I choose today?

I love Paneer Butter Masala of this restaurant but I also love Biryani of that restaurant. Too much confusion! Isn’t it? 


Where is my money going? 

Money Wastage
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We spend so much on food-delivery apps! By the end of the month, we all keep waiting for next month’s salary/pocket-money. Damn apps! 


Where is my order? Why the delivery guy is taking so much time?

fat cat
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That urge to track your order after every single minute is uncanny! ‘Is it here yet?’


A bad rating is never a problem!

Rating someone
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Many people consider a restaurant’s rating while ordering anything!

But, foodie being a foodie, wishes to experience everything herself or himself. A rating is just a number. Food is what matters. I might like what almost everyone else hates! Worth the shot!


Adding locations to locations is never a problem!

Map locations
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You will always find 3 or more locations on a foodie’s food delivery apps.

Wherever they are, ‘LET THERE BE FOOD’. 


I want to order the whole menu!

Foodie Eating
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Always going to cart and lessening the items in the menu so that it matches my budget. That’s harder than choosing which shoes goes with what dress!


We avoid looking at our fridge before ordering more than we try to avoid that ex!

Hungry Foodie
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Brain: There is already some food in the fridge!
Heart: So? It’s not fresh!
Brain: Dude! You don’t have the money also!
Heart: Chuck it! I will try managing it next month!


That happiness when the delivery guys finally calls and says, “Haanji order the aapka, mai location pe hu” [Yes! You ordered something, I am at your location]

Excitement for food arrival of a Foodie
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Remember that domino’s ad?? We all have the same feelings that Paresh Rawal (watch the video below) has when he gets his pizza for free! 

Do you also have similar feelings while ordering your food?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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