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Tea Detox: Worth a try?

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For most Indians, tea is an integral part of day to day life. You do not feel ready to face the day until you get that cup of steaming hot tea early in the morning. The mid caffeine punch jolts you awake and makes you functional.

There are different variants of tea available in the market. Moreover, there are numerous ways you can brew and have it. Most people have their own individual preferences, but one thing that rings true for most of us is unconditional love for this beverage.

What if we tell you that your daily tryst with tea is actually beneficial for your body and overall health?

What is tea detox?

According to recent research, tea can help you develop a better lifestyle over time. In fact, the popularity of tea as a detoxification ingredient is soaring nowadays. Tea detox is an actual thing that has become the latest fad in the fitness community, and you will surely love this idea if you have a weakness for tea.

All you need to do is purchase herbal detox teas from the market and add them to your diet. You will not have to go herbal with the rest of your food if you make this one change. A team of researchers concluded that tea will not only help you to keep your cardiovascular health in check, but it also has the potential to improve your mental health.

You must remember that the tea detox is not a complete process by itself. In fact, it is more of a supplement to your body’s natural detoxification methods. If you are not sure about it, you can start by switching to basic green and black tea before buying herbal tea.

Ideally, detox teas should contain blended herbs such as lemongrass, ginger and milk thistle which will replenish your body and accelerate detoxification. These teas also have a herbal laxative called senna that can make your intestines more efficient.

If you want your tea detox to be a successful venture, you must remember the following.

Diet and exercise are a must

You cannot depend on your detox tea for magical results if you do not put in some effort yourself. Unless you have plenty of water and balanced meals, your diet would still be incomplete. A tea detox does not give you the license to have any kind of food that you want. Moreover, you should also maintain a regular exercise routine if you want to see significant weight loss.

You may not always lose actual fat

If you see that your weight machine is indicating that you have lost weight, do not get too excited all at once. Detox teas contain a combination of caffeine and diuretics which can also lead to the loss of water weight. You will feel lighter, not because your body fat has been burned but because water bloating has reduced. Moreover, the laxative can also lead to your stomach appearing fitter and flatter. You must continue with the detox if you want to see actual reduction in fat.

Detox tea ingredients may cause certain side effects

As mentioned before, detox teas are a mixture of a variety of ingredients all of which may not suit your body. When you are buying a detox tea, it is absolutely imperative that you check the label for its ingredients so that you do not compromise your health because of this diet. If you find that tea concoction you like has any ingredient that is harmful for your body, step away.

You do not have a lot to go by

When you are following a tea detox routine, you have to accept that it has still not received medical recognition. The research is still in its primary stages, so there is no assurance or guarantee that you can comfort yourself with. There will be certain unanswered questions, which is why you should talk to a doctor before starting the detox.

Your sleep pattern might get messed up

If you do not have a lot of caffeine usually, you will find that your sleep pattern is going haywire for the first few days when you have detox tea.

Unless you are absolutely sure about the tea that you will be using, it is not something that you absolutely must try!

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