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A Weekend Walk Around Delhi’s Kebabs!

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Weekends are precious and cannot be let go of as waste. It is the time when you can reconnect with your passions and hobbies, and do the things which you really love. Weekends provide you with the perfect opportunity to go out and explore the various aspects of whichever city you live in. 

So to make my weekend better around 10:00 am, I set off with my backpack, my camera and some cash which I had saved up from last month’s pocket money to spend on the one thing which is very close to my heart, FOOD! It was in the month of May, that I naively, yet desperately intended to visit the area of Jama Masjid and try out some of the delicacies available.

It could never disappoint anyone who is fond of rich non-vegetarian food and has a good appetite for it. I consider myself as one of those madmen, and the heat wasn’t intimidating enough to stop me from accomplishing what I wished to.

kabab of delhi

Apart from food, Old Delhi is also one of those areas which are just perfect for street photography of any kind. The amount of subjects is ample since the entire place is buzzing with action and activity wherever you look. So if you are a photographer and want to get some stills, it is THE place for you.

My first stop was a recommendation by a dear friend who praised the kebabs they sold in terms of quality, unbeatable prices and also in terms of quantity. They’re sold at a place called the “Quraishi Dhaba”. The eatery is situated just opposite to Jama Masjid, and the experience to not miss is to sit inside, with a plate of their delectable kebabs and enjoy the grand architecture of the largest Mosque in India, which had been commissioned by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. The pudina chutney and the onions add subtle flavors to the already delicious set of Kebabs. It creates this incredible gastronomic orchestra inside your mouth I tell you!

The restaurant has an open kitchen format which is common for most restraints in Old Delhi. One can watch the cooks skillfully wrap up metal rods called “sheekhs” with meat, and carefully roast them on a charcoal stove. Due to such an open kitchen design, it becomes almost irresistible to keep walking without entering every other food joint on the way as the sight and smell of the various delicacies strongly lures your palette.

chandini chowk- best kebabs

Moving on a little ahead from there, upon taking a left turn, you’d find yourself standing in front of a narrow passage that leads to the world famous Karim’s restaurant. They serve some really amazing biryani. This is one of the places that every human must visit at least once, if not infinitely more than that!

The legendary Mughlai restaurant has stood the test of time and is today considered as one of the greatest heavyweights in the world of gastronomy.  If foodies had a common religion, this would be one of the holiest of shrines where we, the pilgrims, are obliged to visit every now and then!

With four different rooms for seating, Karim’s offers its guests a range of halls to pick from for their seating arrangements. Boasting of an amazing range of delectable, from which the classic combination of Sheekh Kebab and a Rumali Roti, which is a very soft variation of the Indian Bread, is an absolute must to compliment the succulent meat!

Karims- serving great kebabs

Felt like trying something new, I boldly ordered a plate of “Mutton Burra”. It was nothing less than amazing. The mutton kebabs had been smoked and had a beautiful velvety texture to it. The meat was richly seasoned with herbs and spices which delivered a unique and highly authentic taste of the Mughal era. Some may find it a bit bland because of its smokiness, but otherwise, it’s a worthy dish to try out. 

mutton burra kebab

Lastly, it is always recommended to finish the meal by trying the unique sweet dish, the Phirni. It is very light and not overly sweet and is perfect for cleaning the plate. Too full with quality food by now, I headed towards the Jama Masjid for a final panorama before heading home, feeling happy with my little venture! 

When was the last time you did something exciting on a weekend? Share with us your memorable moments in the comments below!

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