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6 Crazy Types of Pizza Eaters

Types of Pizza Eaters
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Pizza, heaven in a slice!

The statement says it all.  It is the most iconic dish that surely brings people together, regardless of their age. We all love our pizzas but there are specific ways we like our pizzas in. Many people around us eat this holy slice in crazy manners.

There are many different techniques people eat pizza with
and make them their own.

1. The Cheese Remover

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This is something I never understand! Cheese on the pizza acts like an icing on the cake. Would you like eating just the bread of the cake? No right? Then how can you have a cheese-less pizza! If you remove the cheese, you may as well just be eating bread with tomato sauce, which is not why you are eating pizza for. If there are, some medical reasons associated to pizza, removing cheese works fine, but if there is nothing of this sort, why you have chosen to detach the cheese from your slice, I’d suggest just keeping it on.

2. The Dabber

Pizza Removing Cheese
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So, you’ve already made a decision to eat unhealthily! You are eating a pizza! Why to dab it using a tissue? A lot of people dab the excess oil out of their pizza’s using a tissue! Why? Just to cut on some calories? Seriously? But if you look at the other side of it, many people dab the grease off of their pizza to ensure a less messy encounter with their slice, and this may be a smart move in order to protect your clothes.

3. Eats The Crust First

eating crust pizza first
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Do these people even exist? Who in their right mind has the patience to eat around and avoid the cheesy goodness?

4. Fork and Knife

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Like seriously? The glory of holding a piece of pizza in your hands is just incomparable and irreplaceable! How can you miss enjoying that moment!

5. Fold in Half and Bolt

folding pizza
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When in a rush, an oversized slice may only find its way into your mouth if compressed in size. We all live in a fast-paced world which forces one to have a fast-paced consumption which causes this fold move! This tactic is commonly used among New Yorkers who are constantly in a rush and may only have a certain amount of time to eat before they must be at their next responsibility.

6. Leaves the Crust Behind

Leaving Pizza Crust
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So if you are worried about getting those extra carbs in your system are this is the reason you are leaving the tiny sliver pieces of bread, this won’t probably benefit you in any great capacity. Eating the crust, although the last component, is a very crucial step when given the opportunity to eat something as beautiful as a slice of pizza.

What time of a pizza eater are you?

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