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6 Reasons Why Milk Is The Superfood You Need!


Milk is not something most of us are fond of, especially when it is served alone. When blended with coffee or a shake, however, milk seems like a blessing. Our moms have been advising us to drink milk since we were young kids and turns out they had every reason to.

If you have heard about superfoods, then you know that they are magic foods that replenish your body with all the nutrients it could possibly need.

Milk (whole milk) is a fantastic superfood option for people of all ages because it combines carbohydrate, fat and protein. Having milk will ensure that your body gets all the nine essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your health. If you lead a very busy life, chances are that you deprive your body of essential nutrients because of a time crunch. It can solve that problem easily.

Also known as ‘brain food’, milk will change your life for the better. The most common health benefits associated with this super drink are:

1. Provides calcium

You must have heard that milk is the best source of calcium out there. Your body needs calcium because it can act as a shield against chronic ailments and keep you healthy. It can also help you burn fat faster. Calcium is an essential ingredient of bone matter and hence affects your bone density as well.

2. Better cardiovascular health

Milk has the potential to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases which can be a huge benefit in the long run. It contains magnesium and potassium which are common vasodilators, that is they can bring down blood pressure and accelerate blood flow throughout the body.

3. Healthy bones

If you want good structure and strong bones, then you must have milk without fail. No other food will be able to supply you with the amount of calcium that is needed for proper growth and development of the bones in your body. Having it will reduce the chances of you suffering from common bone disorders because of thin bones.

4. Great for your teeth

A flashing white smile is a valuable possession. You need to take extra special care of your teeth if you want to reduce your trips to the dentist. One quick way to do this is to have milk regularly because the calcium in it will solidify the enamel in your teeth and make them healthier.

5. Hydrates your body

If you are one of those people who forget to drink water all day long, then you need to consider milk as an alternative. Having glasses of milk throughout the day will not only give your body the necessary hydration, but it will also supply a lot of nutrients at the same time. Your body will not function properly without the proper amount of fluids, and it is your duty to replenish it at frequent intervals.  Since it also contains water molecules, it will prevent you from being dehydrated during summers.

6. Takes care of skin

You must hear skincare companies raving about the benefits of using milk in their products. In fact, Cleopatra who is still considered to be one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced Earth was known to take a bath in milk every day.

Milk is known to make your skin smoother and fairer. It works on removing any tan that you get when travelling in the Sun. Moreover, it is a blessing for dry skin because of its moisturising properties. You can apply a few drops topically on dry patches, and you are sure to feel the difference. Its solids are known to nourish your skin cells while the lactic acid removes dead skin cells to reduce dullness. Drinking milk will give your body a heavy dose of vitamin A that is known to make skin look youthful and fresh.

Now that you know all the benefits of drinking milk, you must try to incorporate it in your diet. You will no longer have to worry about your body not getting sufficient nutrition because milk is such a wholesome food by itself. You can get creative with it and try to make new recipes that will make it taste good. Apart from milk, there are 6 other superfoods that your body needs!

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