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5 Myths About Coffee- Myth is, After All, a Never Ending Story!


Let me bring some facts to you all. Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world after water! Shocked? Yes??

There are more number of people waking up and having a cup of coffee then people waking up and consuming a glass of water!! Funny right!

For eons now people from all around the globe have been savoring and enjoying the classic brewed coffee. Having a golden glorifying history and being the quintessential part of all of our everyday lives, coffee has been ruling us and we are still yet to know more about coffee. Surprisingly this simple beverage is so misinterpreted. With something good comes in the myth along with it. As we love drinking coffee, some also worry about certain myths that prevail about this holy potion that have been spread or published over ages.

Let’s discuss some of the most common myths and clarify the differences between a cup of coffee and the misconstrued surrounding air.

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A wide number of people usually think that dark roasted coffee made from the dark roast beans are rich in color and strong in flavor and fragrance which makes it more caffeine and loved. This is not true! The reality states, practically a wide range of coffee beans contain a similar measure of caffeine, paying little mind to the roast.

The gently roasted coffee beans are likely to give more solid taste than the dark cooked beans. It is a well-known fact, more the warmth, less the caffeine in a bean making less caffeinated the coffee. Gently toasted beans have more caffeine as a result of less warmth introduction amid the roasting procedure making them more flavorful and rich.  

This is actually the reason why we make the morning coffee mix from light roast to medium roasts beans. If you still prefer the dark tone of your beverage not to worry caffeine content type is small and you won’t feel much difference in both types.

A regular cup of milked coffee or espresso? – ever wondered to know which drink has the most caffeine extent?

You’ll be surprised to know that a usual morning cup of milked coffee contains more amount of caffeine compared to a single raw shot of espresso. An espresso shot is served in a small, shot glass because of its thick texture, therefore many adopted the misconception denser the texture, more the caffeine. On the other hand, espresso seems bitter with cream on top, served with a greater quantity, and thicker texture (as well). Next time, before ordering give a thought to this if you are looking for an afternoon pick me up joe.


We all will agree that an espresso drink is usually made by keeping a special technique in mind and it is described well by creamy, concentrated texture. But there is a lot more to this flawlessly brewed cup than just the texture:

Espresso is not a specific bean, it can be roasted into the required color and any coffee can be crafted into a shot of espresso, dark or light, according to the preference and taste buds you have. A blend of coffee beans is also called an Espresso. The roaster and technique used for the roasting process can vary the texture and color of an espresso. Also, it can even be used straight from the origin. The choice is all yours now.

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It is true that coffee causes you to remain alert or manufacture and give you the energy required by you to survive throughout the day. Coffee helps you stay up, agreed, but does it also help you sober down? NO!. The caffeine content in one beverage that doesn’t lessen the impacts of liquor, on the contrary it really aggravates it for you. Liquor and caffeine together increase the odds of unsafe circumstances; it can also cause a heart attack. Coffee and liquor mixed together makes a negative subjective effect and is considered to be a deadly combination.

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If you want to lose weight and get a bikini body this summer, then, get of this myth from your head and stick to a healthy wholesome diet than just relying on espresso shots or any content that has caffeine in it. Espresso can help you increase your metabolism rate but the results are exceptionally less, there’s insufficient proof to indicate any long-term intake of espresso decreases weight reduction.


Have you ever opened a bag an of freshly roasted coffee beans, slipping through your fingers? Each bean feels like a precious stone with magical aroma and perfectly roasted with shine and dark brown color tone. The beans that appear darker is because of high temperature they are processed under which get the shine on the bean and this process even open the pores of the bean because of which the oil flows out. results into the oily shiny surface. However, lightly roasted beans never reach such intense high-temperature point because of which they seem more rough, dry and dull in color. Which explains, the true essence and quality and caffeine remain intact. Oily surface or dark color tone appearance of beans is not a true indicator of freshness.

Break free of these myths around coffee and have the coffee of your life!

Happy caffeinating!

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