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5 Benefits of Green Tea That Will Leave You Wanting More of It!

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The green tea fad took over the health and fitness community like a storm, and since then it has become quite a staple across the world. Although it was considered to be the magic weight loss tea at first, it is now recognized for all the other amazing benefits it offers. If you still have not jumped on the bandwagon and are confused about replacing your daily coffee with a cup of green tea, then you should not waste any time. You will not regret incorporating green tea into your diet, and you will be able to spot the difference in a matter of two weeks.

Green tea originates from the Camellia Sinensis plant and has leaves which were not fermented. As a result, it is super rich in antioxidants and healing compounds. It is one of the healthiest beverages you could possibly have, and the best part is that you can have unlimited cups of it throughout the day.

These five benefits are sure to leave you impressed.

1. Improves Cardiovascular Health

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The flavan-3-ols and anthocyanidin antioxidants in green tea can help improve your metabolic and cardiovascular health. It can reduce the risk of heart diseases like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Moreover, green tea has ACE-inhibiting properties which allows your heart to pump more blood than usual and also helps lower blood pressure.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer

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Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases out there right now, and nobody has been able to come up with a definite cure for it yet. The polyphenols (catechins) in green tea gives it anticancer properties which fight against free radicals and prevents any DNA damage. Green tea can help in the prevention of cancers of the lung, breast, liver, colon, skin, and the pancreas.

3. Shed off some of the extra pounds


You will be surprised at how effective the EGCG in green tea is. This antioxidant is responsible for boosting body metabolism which can help you lose weight faster. Moreover, the tea also helps mobilize the fat from fat cells. Having green tea frequently throughout the day can also lead to enhanced effects of certain fat burning hormones. In certain cases, it can also help increase fat oxidation when you are exercising.

4. Enhances your brain health

Your brain is one of the most important organs in your body, and you are not ignorant of that fact. It is crucial that you take care of it as much as possible. Green tea has a lower dosage of caffeine as compared to coffee, and hence you will feel refreshed and energized without feeling too jittery and edgy.  Caffeine can block adenosine from affecting the brain health which helps enhance brain health. The amino acid, L-theanine, in green tea also plays a role in making your brain more functional. You will find that your memory has become sharper after you started having green tea.

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Consuming green tea can also protect you against the risk of suffering from serious brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons’ disease. Not only does it work as preventive care, but it can also help improve the condition. Moreover, green tea is known to keep age-related dementia at bay.

5. Miraculous effects on your skin

Who does not dream of flawless and smooth skin? Green tea is rich in antioxidants which can improve skin health. If you have a tendency of not sleeping at night, then it is likely that you have dark circles and puffy eyes quite often. Green tea bags will solve the problem in no time because of the tannins content in the tea.

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Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea are well known in combination with antioxidants; they help to keep aging at bay. Using a face mask with green tea will show you the anti-aging benefits within just a day. If you are still not satisfied, then take into account the fact that green tea can help treat acne and protect your skin from the harsh effects of the sun.

If you are motivated now to dip into the world of green tea, then go ahead. You will love it! Moreover, there are so many ways of having green tea. Try mixing some honey or lemon juice and notice the difference.


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