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4 Must Visit Coffee Shops This Delhi Monsoon

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Monsoon is incoming and you might be looking for a great cup of coffee to sip on as you enjoy a book. It is the perfect beverage for the occasion, honestly. If you’re a coffee lover, there is a chance that you are constantly on the lookout for new and quirky cafes serving delicious coffee. Sometimes, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee to warm your heart. If enjoyed with a good friend in a nice enough setting, it can indeed be one of the highlights of your day. And it’s for such high-points that the below-mentioned places in Delhi exist. If you are a resident of Delhi, we might have a few places to get you started. Read on and find out more

1. Starbucks

s.thestreet.comThat’s the name of a coffee shop which quite literally has revolutionized the concept of coffee. From just a beverage people sip on, Starbucks has let the drink soar new heights. Coffee due to Starbucks has become an essential part of modern culture and a place to socialize. The CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz spent substantial time in the alleys of Italy tasting and understanding the finest flavors of coffee there. Taking this knowledge, he brought it to his company and applied it. With a story that compelling, Starbucks surely is expected to serve some of the most delicious coffee in town. And it does! So venture into any one of their coffee shops dotted all over the city and order your favorite cup!

2. Dunkin Donuts

self.comThat’s right! The Dunkin Donuts franchise has some of the most delicious and reasonably priced coffees in town. Step inside their joints and you can instantly smell the rich aroma of coffee and fresh donuts in the air. So tempting, right? Dunkin Donuts will provide you with a vast range of coffees to pick from and you may also club them with a donut or two for special discounts! Trust us, this combination is simply to die for. If you have a sweet tooth, do not forget to try their caramel cappuccino. A mug full of rich cappuccino coffee infused with a dollop of pure caramel! It is just heavenly!

3. Barista

Source: today’s cafes, the iconic Barista has maintained their standards. Serving some of the best coffee in town, Barista is a must try. Their coffee is delicious and is sure to entice your caffeine craves! Rich and sumptuous coffee, which upon a single sip, bursts into its flavors. Barista’s coffee is a must try!

4. The Indian Coffee House

pondicherryinfo.inA truly timeless coffee joint of New Delhi. Located in the heart of the city, the Indian Coffee House goes simply unmatched. Having stood the test of time, the Indian Coffee House is thriving with loyal customers who have been visiting the coffee shop for decades, as well as the upcoming youth who have also made it a place of their own. The Indian Coffee House is also one of the most pocket-friendly cafes in town. Settle down into their comfortable and friendly seats which give you an interior or exterior option. Sitting outside in the chilly Delhi winters is a treat of its own. A vast rooftop with benches scattered all over, where you can get cozy with a warm cup of your favorite coffee and enjoy the Delhi winters! During the summers, the insides are the preferred choice of seating. Waiters in pure whites shall take your orders and serve you your coffee with blazingly fast speed. Other than the beverage, they also have some very delectable eateries for you to salivate on! So head over to the Indian Coffee House as soon as you can and explore this Delhi’s icon.

A wise man once brewed the perfect cup of coffee and his world was never again the same. Such is the beauty of coffee. And what better than sipping the holy potion inside a café that’s got its ambiance, service, and beverages on point? So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out the experience of lazing in a coffee shop with the monsoon pours. Take this opportunity, get your friends and family together and create amazing memories at your favorite coffee shop.
Did we not mention your favorite coffee shop in Delhi? Why don’t you tell us the name in the comments below!

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