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13 Hilarious Restaurant Signs That Will Make You Have Tears of Laughter

McDonald meme

There is honestly so much more to say than just saying, what is on the menu?

It is amazing to see how creative restaurants can sometimes be when it comes to tapping potential customers with crazy yet pun-filled welcome signs.

We at curiouskeeda have cured some crazy signboards that will make you roll on the floor laughing after reading them.

This is what Ireland does to you!

pubs in ireland

Okay! You are not special! No one is special, only food is special.

honest board

Who all wants gin?? Aren’t you tired?

gin time

Let’s maintain a healthy and balanced diet by having some food!


When a signboard went to abroad to higher education

educated food signboard

Eat cake and be safe!

eat cake

Let’s hit the bar in the morning then!

drinking all day

Keep the stress away with some desserts

dessert when stressed

Who wants some soup?

lets have some whiskey

So intense! It will dessert you!

dessert meme

Do you have this talent? Can you fit a cupcake in your mouth and be fit?


When coffee is bae

coffee signboard

When a restaurant tries to be a poet!


Have you seen some signboards like so!

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