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10 Types of Coffee Drinkers You Should Know On International Coffee Day!!

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COFFEE plays a big role in our lives. We’re not sure why. But somehow, we all keep going back for more. This holy potion is often regarded as the most consumed beverage on the planet and for good reason: it saves lives. 

Well mainly people who are morning people, who are at risk from everyone else, because let’s face it no one gets out of bed easily. 

Especially me. Coffee gets the normal people out of bed and able to function for the rest of the day. Over the years of drinking coffee,  I have learned a thing or two about the many people who consume this tasty beverage. They come in all sorts and sizes just like the many sizes at Starbucks. 

Here are the 10 types of coffee drinker that can’t get enough
of the tarry elixir:


Sometimes Coffee Drinkers 

Sometimes Drinkers
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These people are the ones who, I just have no idea how can go an entire week on just one coffee. They drink shitloads of other beverages but only one coffee or sometimes none. They enjoy the taste of coffee and love a good coffee when they eventually do have one, but they don’t need to have one to survive like the rest of us, especially me! 


Syrupy kings 

Coffee with a lot of toppings
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These people just do some sinful attempt to disguising the taste of coffee with as much whipped cream and seasonal flavored syrup as possible. The finished product often resembles a sundae, its no coffee now! 


I known what I want how I want and what I want

I get what I want
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Ummm, I now preside in this category only but hey, if the shoe fits… These are the people who are not scared to send back a coffee if it isn’t right, and so they should. We want what we pay for and we aren’t gonna settle for anything less. You’d send back a badly cooked dish, so why wouldn’t you send back a badly made coffee?


Decaffeinated People

Coffee doesn't affect me
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These are the type that like coffee but do not like its effect. So they sit quietly, sipping secretly on their decaf latte and chat along with their friends. The best is when they exhale in satisfaction after their first sip as if the caffeine they have been fiending for has finally hit their bloodstream. 


The Latte’s Lovers

Latte Coffee
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These people say they like coffee, but really all they really like is a latte. There is nothing wrong with a latte every now and then, but you should also enjoy the wonderful and beautiful taste of coffee. It’ll change your life. 


The Black Like My Soul

Black Coffee
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The black like my soul camp only orders drip coffee and then drinks it like that. Most of them will order the strongest brew to prove how “manly” they are. But to be true, you just cannot stomach it and have to add cream and sugar to it, to at least make it drinkable. 


Almond/Soya/ Rice/Coconut and what not

Coffee with cream
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These people are always looking for new and exciting ways to destroy coffee. No offense, some might have dietary requirements, but others just do it for the sake of trying something new. 


Coffee with 1 Bucket of Sugar please

adding coffee to sugar
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These are the ones who are stuck as a kid wanting to be an adult but not wanting to have to taste what can only be described as: yummy like the inside of an ashtray. What do you do? Add sugar. They add sugar to every drink possible! 


The Liars

I don't Steve carell
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These are the ones who like to say they don’t drink coffee, or that they don’t need coffee. They are either morning people, aliens, or liars. And it is obvious that they are liars. Coffee is the lifeblood of the world; without it, we wouldn’t have anything to drink at coffee shops. 


The social drinker

Coffee ride
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“We should go for coffee,” actually means something to them. This lot don’t really have a clue about the ins and outs of ordering and can usually be seen staring gormlessly at the menu board while trying to figure out which is the smallest out of a venti and a grande.

If you identify strongly with one of these types, don’t fear, the first step to change is acceptance.

Happy International Coffee Day!

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