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10 Things Only a “Foodie” Will Understand


Who is a foodie? The one who loves food? Ummm…Technically NOOO! Everyone in the world has a strong feeling of affection for food. After all, you won’t be able to survive if you don’t have a love for it but…wait a minute!!!We can’t give the tag of a foodie to all those people who just love food. So…“Who is the foodie?”…If you relate with at least 6 points (mentioned below) which describe the things that can be understood by the foodies only, then CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the world of foodies.

1. You have heard the question “ Yaar tu kitna khata/khati hai?” for umpteenth times!

Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 1

2. You want to lose wait but don’t want to give up on food! Because food is your life!

Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 2
3. Whenever you get hungry, you just don’t want to rely on fruits! Because your brain knows the distinction between the food and fruits!Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 3

4. You admire food show celebrities and sometimes you wish that you also get an opportunity of exploring the best food in the world, like them!Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 4

5. You love being “food-zoned”!Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 5

6. You know almost every small and big eatery around your place!

Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 6

7. Whenever you see street food, you simply pounce on it without any kind of hesitation because hygiene is just not in your dictionary!

Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 7

8. The moment you see a person having delicious food, you start drooling over it and your brain takes no time in chalking out plans for your next meal!Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 8

9. More than traveling and exploring, your relationship goal is to TASTE every gourmet possible with your partner!

Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 9

10. You never regret spending money on food! Because you are all time….Curiosukeeda - Foodies - 10





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