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10 Super Healthy Indian Style Breakfast That You Have Never Tried Before

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In today’s world, everybody’s wishlist includes ‘being healthy’. However, as Indians, we all get cringy when we are asked to skip spicy & oily food and welcome green veggies for nourishing life.

But, being healthy is not just about consuming green vegetables, meat or eggsAn efficacious mix of healthy and yummy food do EXIST! Slight tweaks in the selection of vegetables and spices can woo your taste buds. How to make those slight changes is a challenging task! But don’t you worry! CuriousKeeda has solved this problem for you! 

Here’s a list of 10 super healthy Indian Style breakfast
to kickstart your day. 


Dalia Paneer Khichdi

Dalia is an Indian superfood for weight loss because of the amount of fiber that it contains. It gives a great start to your morning. 

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Paneer Bhurji

Paneer is known to be the replacement of chicken/meat for vegetarians. Paneer has a great amount of protein. Having this in breakfast will help you stay cheerful for a longer period of time. 

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Palak Puri 

Palak Puri is a great source to enhance your fiber factor. Adding spinach to your daily life will make you active and spinach is good for weight loss as well. 

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Poha Style Oats

Oats are rich in proteins and making them in poha style will bring Indian style taste which will give a spark to your taste buds. 

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Multigrain Parantha

You all love Parantha. Especially when it is served with pickle and curd. Right?
What if I tell you that you don’t have to say goodbye forever to paranthas for a healthy life!  A combination of oil and super vegetables can be a great healthy choice. Multigrain parantha is loaded with fiber, vitamins, proteins, and carbs. 

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Besan Cheela

Breakfast is an ideal time to absorb nutrients. Increase your metabolism by having Besan Cheela. Enhance its’ usefulness with mint chutney. 

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Chana Dal Cheela

Indian pulses are a wonderful source of protein. You can cook these cheelas with Sesame oil to make it more healthy. 

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Beetroot Dosa

The flavours of Masala Dosa are unbeatable. You can make your choice of Dosa more healthy by adding beetroot to the batter. 

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Indo Chinese Seviyan

Seviyan is another wholesome option. It provides enough energy to your body to remain active throughout the day. 

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Italian Thepla

Gujrati thepla is another option which many healthy and fit people eat. And you can give a twist to this regular Gujrati Food by adding Italian stuffing such as cheese, pizza sauce, and vegetables. 

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What are you planning to cook for a healthy life today?
Let us know in the comment section below:

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