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6 low-calorie high-protein vegetarian foods that cut down the weight

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With the increase of number in people who want to shed weight and admire to have a perfect physique/figure, the demand of low-calorie high-protein foods is growing. Protein is considered to be a chief nutrient that we all extract from food. This nutrient should be in hefty amounts for those, who wish to thin down. In addition, this nutrient is highly recommended to those who crave for fitness/stamina and who desire to have lean muscles.

It is an important decision to discover that which food possesses what amount of proteins because not all foods provide the same amount of protein to our body. Protein varies with the type of food that we ingest. Before you pioneer your journey of being the most fit, you should think about proteins a bit. Did you know that protein is an omnipresent nutrient in our body? From skin to hair, from bones to muscles, protein is everywhere!

What are proteins?

As per Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, protein is the substance that charge up many chemical reactions. It is also a reason behind the soaring/dropping haemoglobin. Protein is a result of 20 relevant fragments which are known as ‘amino acids.’ Amino acids together form protein and these two substances (amino acids and protein) are the building blocks of life. A human body utilizes amino acids to form protein which help the body in its functioning. There are 9 essentials amino acids which are as follows:  leucine, lysine, histidine, methionine, phenylalanine, valine, tryptophan, threonine and isoleucine. Lack of protein might cause bad immunity and restricted growth in the body.

How much protein should you consume?

As per various scientific researchers, it has been recommended that, one should intake 0.8 gm of proteins per kilogram of their body. For instance, if you weigh 50 KG, then you should consume 0.8*50, i.e. 40 kgs of protein every day.

How much calorie per protein?

The National Academy of Medicine (American non-profit agency) suggests that one should absorb 10-35 percent of their regular calories from protein.

Low-calorie high-protein foods

Before you start gobbling up the low-calorie, high-protein foods, it is crucial to determine your weight loss plan. How much you should lose, how much time you would take are the things that you need to contemplate. Non-vegetarian foods like tuna, turkey, salmon etc. aid the human body to lose weight healthily. However, many vegetarian pals end up pondering over what to devour when one wishes to lose weight.

Here is a list of six vegetarian food items that are low in calories and high in proteins:

1.Cottage Cheese (Paneer)

A 100-gm chunk of cottage cheese has only 98 calories and 11-gm protein.

2. Spinach (Palak)

If you want a luscious vegetable to partner with your cottage cheese cubes on your plate, then Spinach should be your option. A 100-gm bunch of spinach has just 20 calories and 3-gm protein.

3. Green Peas (Matar)

Green peas or pisum sativum are not only a source of low-calorie, high-protein, but it also helps the diabetics to control their blood sugar level. 

4 Benefits of Green Peas for Diabetes

A 100-gm pieces of raw green peas carries just 81 calories and 5-gm of protein.

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms (white and raw both) accommodates for 3.1-gm of protein per 100 gm. It has only 22 calories per 100-gm.

5. Lentils (Daal)

Lentils (Daal) is the most commended food in Indian kitchens. These are the source of tremendously low calories. A 100-gm of boiled lentils carries 9-gm of proteins and 116 calories.

6. Curd

Curd has a large number of nutritional benefits. One of the benefits is that a 100-gm of curd contains 98 calories and 11-gm of protein.


Disclaimer: This information is not a substitute of qualified medical opinion. It has been recommended to consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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