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Your Spring Reading List is Sorted! Have a Look


With the changing seasons and welcoming of Spring, time to also give your bookshelf an upgrade and stock it up with a fresh reading list for the days ahead. Books are one of the best sources for stimulating your mind and maybe also end up with some bracingly new ideas you can work and develop upon. To be able to pick up excellent books could sometimes turn out to be a chore and therefore, in the following list, we have curated some of the finest books for you to dive into and have an amazing time reading them. Each of these books are extremely well written, talks about a bunch of different ideas and should certainly help you grow in one way or another.

We haven’t stuck to any genre so that you can pick your favourites from a curation that is versatile and diverse. Take a look to pick out your favourites:



Jeffery Archer is one of the most renowned authors in the world. His work, Kane and Able is what threw him under global spotlight and is considered by many to be an all time classic. Archer is now back with his brand new work, Heads You Win, which follows two parallel tales in a single book and gives the reader an idea that how the lives of the same human being could alter just by living in a different city. The protagonist gets to live in London and New York, and the story is told in both scenarios. It is one of the most interesting works of fiction which we have picked up and certainly worth a read. So, go ahead and get your copy! 

(History, Non-Fiction)


Rebel Sultans is a book which we thoroughly enjoyed reading. One of the primary conversations which the book fuels is to attack the limitation of conversations around Indian history being only about the North. Manu gives us a richly detailed account of the Deccan. Taking us all the way from Khilji to Shivaji, the language is extraordinarily elucidated and feels like reading a storybook with a mind bending plot. Rebel Sultans is the kind of book which shatters the illusion that history is boring and lures in an entire generation of readers into reading history and enriching their knowledge base. Go ahead and get your copy because this is one book you shall most certainly relish! 



Two supposedly unconnected tales are linked by a shocking coda. The first, “Folly”, narrates the relationship between a book editor and aspiring writer and a brilliant novelist. The second section, “Madness” belongs to an Iraqi-American economist who is being detained at Heathrow. The prose is clean and crisp and is written in an almost reportorial style. Asymmetry is the kind of book which reads like it has come from an author with deep experience of shelling out several books before penning this one. The plot is politically charged and richly peppered with ideas. Halliday’s Asymmetry is one of the best which we have read and therefore, definitely deserves a spot on this list. 



This is one of the most remarkable memoirs which we have ever come across. This extraordinary tale of courage, valour and sacrifice gives us a glimpse into the love and thirst which Westover had for education, learning and knowledge. Growing up in Idaho was Tara, the youngest of seven children. Having lived so far off the grid, Westover lacked a birth certificate. The concept of a school was absent from her life till the time she entered college. Getting admission wasn’t obvious. Reading at home only meant the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Much of the time was spent helping her mother, an unlicensed midwife and her father, a paranoid man who maintained a scrap metal junkyard. Her journey took her to Cambridge for earning a Ph.D. in History. 

There you have it! These books could turn out to be portals to a whole new dimension which by now, may not have been unlocked in your mind. Therefore, invest in stellar growth by reading these books this Spring.

Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and dive into the worlds which these books beautifully create.

Happy Reading This Spring!

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