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‘The Fault in Our Stars’ by John Green

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Cancer is undoubtedly a dreadful illness, highly indiscriminate in its decision of picking the victim, pays little respect to age, sex or status. There are numerous stories written on cancer patients and their lamentable lives. ‘The Fault in our Stars’ written remarkably by ‘John Green’ is simply unexplainable. Despite the fact that being one of them is in no way like any of them. John Green takes the awfulness of tumor and draws out a wonderful story of two youthful cancer victims experiencing passionate feelings for each other.
Isn’t it lovely?

The book is about Hazel Grace Lancaster who is narrating the story and is diagnosed with cancer at the key age of thirteen and her companion Augustus Waters, a survivor of cancer. The two meet in a cancer supporting gathering, and soon starts a sentiment based on Hazel’s most loved book: An Imperial Affliction by the fictional writer Peter Van Houten.

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The fault in our stars like any other cancer themed novel isn’t about how she battles in her existence with this disease, it’s about how she effortlessly lives despite of it. The book abandons you with huge numbers of thoughts, like, isn’t there more inside to   cancer patients than simply the disease? Was Shakespeare wrong when he, through his fictional character,Cassius (Gaius Cassius Longinus was a Roman senator, a leading instigator of the plot to kill Julius Caesar, and the brother in-law of Marcus Junius Brutu, Julius Caesar fans say yayy!),  said  , “The blame, dear Brutus, isn’t in our stars yet in ourselves?” Is blankness inescapable?

The fundamental message that rotates around in this book is that, with life, there is likewise death. Also, one needs to confront it! It is the natural order, and one can’t do anything about it. A few similar characters, Augustus and Hazel, are more vulnerable to death  because of the conditions they have. Others are essentially not. Be that as it may, we can live in dread of death. Nevertheless,  we can acknowledge it and grasp it  and it will hence remain the part of our decision.

A standout amongst other things about John Green’s books is that there are constantly a few or alternate statements that stay with you, that gets your consideration and remains with you for quite a while. An undisputed top choice from this book for some could be ” Some infinites are bigger than other infinites.” So wonderful no??

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The book is outstandingly elegantly composed with Hazel’s superb portrayal. You will feel associated and connected with the characters from the very beginning. The story will keep you glued and you will want to continue reading more and more.

Hazel in this book has a sarcastic comical inclination that even make the mixed minutes in the book charming. The difficult yet heart-warming connection between  Hazel and Augustus keeps the reader absorbed in the book. The book truly influences you to reexamine your everyday life and your reality You will most likely at a point ponder over the question such as:  are you living your life to the fullest?? Are you enjoying the smallest of things and not stressed about the future?

It is a story about accepting the reality, all that accompany itand still endeavoring to live with that hopeful state of mind which gives you the direction to overcome the life-problems. It is an absolutely beautiful, clever, sometimes tragic yet a brimming trust- story. It is an account of unequivocal romance and outrage, valor and courage, companionship and love, fervor and benevolence. It is without a doubt a masterpiece! It is a story worth reading once if you haven’t yet read it. It will abandon you with feelings that are unbelievable and extremely extraordinary.

The world isn’t a wish-granting manufacturing plant, so be thankful for all that you have in life!! Okay? Okay!

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