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Top 10 Ayurvedic diets during the summers

Types of diets
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Again the scorching heat, muggy mornings, long afternoon, summer is back. It is indeed very hectic to keep​ up with the unkempt working schedule. For active working hours, we need to regulate our diet and this falls better in the paradigm of Ayurveda. During summers it’s not possible to take in lavishly heavy meals so it is better to follow up several Ayurvedic diets
plans which can be easily made at home with ingredients available in
the market. Also, it would assure better metabolism of the body system. 

Following are the top 10 Ayurvedic diets during summer


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It has a cooling property and is made of Bengal gram. Consuming this in summers helps in keeping the body cool. For better consumption, it can be mixed with rice chips and water.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry Amla
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Also known as Amla does not only have nutritional benefits but is also known for faster hair growing ingredient, it also has cooling properties and has Vitamin C.

Try having it on a daily basis.


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We all are forbidden to have it, because of misconception due to western dietary influences that it has lots of unnecessary fats which leads to cholesterol and unwanted weight gain. However, ghee contains a lot of healthy fats and its consumption helps in maintaining the moisture balance of our body and assists in better digestion.


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It helps in reducing stomach discomfort and gastritis.  One can have it in cooking recipes or take a slice with some salt and consume with warm water

Water-rich fruits

Water Fruits
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Fruits and vegetables which have a lot of water content in them which helps in keeping our body hydrated.


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There are herbs in every Indian household or accessible to the nearest markets which include tulsi, Brahmi,  and ashwagandha all these help in detoxifying and keeping bodily pains away.


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It also helps in cooling the body temperature, assisting to better digestion. It can be consumed with rice and fruits as well. 

Coconut water

Coconut Water
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It is very refreshing during summers and acts as an amazing cooling agent with various nutritional properties.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables
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These are liver cooling agents with other health benefits which also contribute to better eyesight and reduces any deficiency in our body.

Keeping your body hydrated is very basic all you need to do is drink lots of water at regular intervals throughout the day and if you feel your body is lagging back, then all you can do is add some salt and sugar to your drinking water in adequate proportions and that’ll keep you going for  the day .
Avoid the junk and random refreshments, sometimes the heat may choke you to exhaustion when you feel so never hit on any soft drinks, quench your thirst with lemonade or healthy fruit juice.  Also detoxing your body becomes essential, you can follow a body detox schedule once by the end of every 2-3 days this will enhance metabolism in your body and keep you fresh throughout.  Eat lots of fruits, this will balance in all the vitamins your body demands, back your system with the energy required. 
Finally, all you need to do is have your meals but make sure your breakfast is sufficient and there’s no compromise with it and also take care of your skin with ayurvedic skincare techniques to not get tanned and rejuvenate the skin better, cover yourself for minimal exposure to the sun.

Apparently, summers drain out the most in beating the heat entirely seems a pretty tough job. Also in India where humidity is pro, staying fresh outdoors is challenging, usually people get prone to sunstrokes or severe weakness in this season.

If you are regular with the mentioned ways trust me summers won’t turn you down anymore and yes you need not worry about it anymore look forward to this season. Keep yourself fit to stay and look healthy with the given Ayurvedic diets plans. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

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