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7 Essentials for Your Home Gym!

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We all know fitness is valuable.

Being fit and healthy today ensures that you have a better future ahead of you.

When you reach home at night after working all day, you probably do not have the energy to make a round trip to the gym with a one-hour workout in between. Moreover, you have to follow the regulations and timings of the gym and that takes away some of the flexibility.

One great way to ensure that you get your daily workout and remain motivated is to build a home gym. While that sounds like a huge commitment, it is not! All you need to do is find a room in your house that can accommodate essential gym equipments and turn it into a fitness zone. It is an investment that will definitely pay off well in future. If you do not want to splurge, you can rent machines or buy them second hand. If you do not have a large space available, go for smaller but equally useful equipments.

To make your home gym effective, do not forget to include these essentials.

1. Adjustable Kettlebells

You will find that having kettlebells will increase the scope of your workout because they can be used in multiple ways. They can be used to do various exercises. you no longer have to buy multiple equipment’s to cater multiple body parts, kettlebells are all you need. Moreover, one set comes with different weight options which means that you can choose a kettlebell based on the exercise you are doing. Beginners can slowly upgrade to heavier kettlebells as they begin to grow stronger and fitter.

2. Jump Rope

You might laugh and take a trip down the lane to your childhood days, but the truth is jumping rope is as effective an exercise as any. If you are in the mood for some quick cardio, then a jump rope will come to your rescue. You will feel your heart rate rising, while your limbs, shoulders, and core get some exercise. A jump rope is especially important for those who have minimal space to spare. You can even buy weighted jump ropes that will give you more resistance and allow for a more intense workout. Had a déjà vu?? Me too!

3. Treadmill

How often has your plan to go running in the morning fallen through? Having your own motorized treadmill at home with speed and inclination options will make sure you go running even without stepping out of the house. Nothing better!

4. Cross Trainer

Treadmills are the more common choice for beginners who feel comfortable running at their own pace, but a cross trainer will help you exercise all parts of your body at a go. The cycling motion is especially good for shedding the extra pounds. They are really good for quick intense workouts before and after office. You have the option of setting a pace or regulating it yourself.

5. Dumbbells

Strength training should be an important part of your workout because they can help you build the muscles you have been dreaming off. You can use a dumbbell to make particular exercise more effective. Buy an adjustable set so that you get a wider variety of weights. While kettlebells are good for swings and thrusters, you can’t do without dumbbells if you are into lifting exercises. Home-made muscles soon!

6. Yoga Mats

Free hand exercises can work like a miracle on your body and help make your body flexible. But, you would not want to do planks and mountain climbing on a hard, cold surface right? So keep your home gym well stocked on yoga mats.  

7. Pull-up and push-up bars

Upper body exercises are extremely important, and you should invest in a sturdy pair of pushup and pull-up bars in order to experiment with them. All you need to do is adjust them anywhere in your home and boom, home gym ready.

Are you sold on the idea of a home gym? Start building today!

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