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10 Fing Gym Fails That Will Make You Question What???

gym fails

Some people go to the gym to work out and others go to help others have the times of their life by making them laugh. We’ve all been there. We’ve looked around at the gym and saw some crazy person do something weird and thought, “that doesn’t look right.”

We at curiouskeeda have complied 10 times when people did something entirely wrong and thought that they were right.

Looks like a chair to me, leads get the morning dose of information

reading in gym

Photoshop fail it seems!


Fuck personal training, chick matters the most

gym fails

When you think you know the equipment well! But, the truth is NO you don’t.

gym fails

Let’s be a bodybuilder in 1 day, say what?

getting too creative in gym

Ummm… what did I just saw?

funny gym fails

Bum press it seems

Personal training taken way too seriously.

It is always advised to keep your equipment safely.

And the award for being a super dad goes to…him!

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