Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya to Share Barrack in Arthur Jail Road Prison

    Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya in Arthur Road jail
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    On Friday, in the UK court, Judge Emma Arbuthnot while hearing to the second bail plea of Nirav Modi asked the prosecution if the fugitive diamond trader would be logged in the same Arthur jail road cell along with Vijay Mallya is he also extradited to India.

    Barrack No 12 of Arthur Road penitentiary now to be renamed as Billionaires’ Barrack if the Centre’s extradition tries to go according to the plan. The country prisons department has informed the Centre that, if extradited to the country, jeweler Nirav Modi will be lodged in Barrack 12 of Arthur Road penal complex in Mumbai, the equal barrack the place Vijay Mallya will be lodged in case the former liquor baron is also extradited to India.

    The state provided this information around Barrack No 12 being the proposed lodging plans for Nirav Modi just after the government of India informed the state that extradition proceedings for Nirav Modi had now been taken forward before the Westminster Magistrate’s Court in the United Kingdom. The Centre had asked the state home department about the prison facilities just in case Modi is lodged at Arthur Road jail. To this, the Maharashtra Prison Department gave a letter of assurance on the facilities it can provide to the centre. In the same way, the Government of Maharashtra had earlier given the same letter of assurance to the central government when it was about Vijay Mallya.

    An official of the state home department said, “On June 4, Ministry of Home Affairs had sought extradition of Nirav Modi from the UK to face trial in India in a Central Bureau of Investigation and an Enforcement Directorate case. The government has learnt that extradition proceedings for the surrender of Modi have advanced in the UK court.”

    According to the sources by the state government, the Maharashtra prison department in their letter, which they issued on Monday, has mentioned that Nirav Modi will be kept at Barrack No 12 of Arthur jail complex if the proceedings take toward. The Maharashtra prison department also assured that Nirav Modi will be kept in a prison cell in which he will get a minimum of 3 square meters of personal space through the period of his stay.  Along with this, Nirav Modi will also be permitted to leave his cell for exercise and other recreation activities for not more than one hour each day, until the period of his stay.

    An official also stated, “The detention cell in which he is to be kept has the provision of providing a clean thick cotton mat, pillow, bedsheet and blanket. A metal frame/ wooden bed can be provided on medical grounds. Adequate light, ventilation and storage for permitted personal belongings are available. In detention, Modi will have access to clean drinking water supply each day and adequate medical facilities are available round-the-clock. Modi will have access to adequate toilet and washing facilities each day.” The security of this Barrack No 12 is said to be extremely high, as an official said, “There is a high level of security at the entrance to Barrack No 12 and further with several CCTV cameras which are monitored 24/7 from the control room. A prison officer and a prison guard are on duty at this barrack 24/7. In Barrack no 12, inmates can exercise and socialize only in area provided within the barrack and are not exposed to any issues of the larger Arthur Road jail complex outside of the barrack. Thus, security is not an issue in Modi’s case.” The official further added that the Barrack No 12 has two rooms and three persons can be lodged in each room. “While one room is occupied with three persons already, in the other room we can accommodate Mallya, Modi and Mehul Choksi if they are extradited.”

    Barrack No 12 is being kept ready, Centre says that there are enough light, ventilation, water and medical facilities in the prison.

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