Interesting Facts About 5 “Popular High-End Fashion’s Creators” That You Never Knew Before


    The world of high fashion has captivated our attention every now and then. The irresistibly good looking clothes clubbed with the sky-high prices makes them an indulgence like none other. Walking past the lucrative boutiques of the biggest names in fashion is more than enough to create an impression which takes quite an effort to go away! It transports you into this beautiful world full of glamour, color, success, and aspiration. Most of you will be familiar with the following names but might not know these interesting facts about each of them. Read on to find out what we are talking about:

    1. Guccio Gucci

    (Founder of Gucci)

    We’re sure you have heard of this name! Gucci was founded in Italy in 1921 by a man who went by the name of Guccio Gucci. Before starting one of the world’s biggest fashion houses, he used to work as an elevator operator in London’s prestigious Savoy Hotel. Through his job, Gucci got a chance to meet the biggest names of those time such as Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe.

    Curiouskeeda - High End Fashion - Gucci

    He would closely observe their accessories and that fueled his inspiration to start his own company. Among the first accessories to be crafted by Gucci were detachable leather bags for saddles. Guccio Gucci sold them to interested horsemen in Italy.

     2. Giorgio Armani

    (Founder of Armani)

    The name itself screams of luxury and high-end fashion. Giorgio Armani is the man behind this illustrious name. We are sure, you have a bomber jacket in your wardrobe which is always ready to save you from the chilling winters. Who should you thank for putting it there? Mr. Giorgio Armani! That’s right. It was Armani who introduced the concept of a bomber jacket as we know it today to the world.

    Giorgio Armani Spring 2010 RTW

    In the year 1970, Mr. Armani designed a series of sleek leather bomber jackets under his own name. The style became tremendously popular and became a timeless style in the world of must-have jackets!

    3. Louis Vuitton
    (Founder of Louis Vuitton)

    Many consider this name to be synonymous with pure luxury, which is actually true. It is the ultimate symbol of class and classic taste in the highest echelons of our society. The name belongs to a man who was originally a master box maker based in France. At the tender age of 13, Vuitton left his home to complete a 292-mile journey on foot to Paris. He supported himself by doing odd jobs on his journey towards the city of love. After some years, Vuitton began to see tremendous success for himself.

    Curiouskeeda - High End Fashion - Vuitoon

    He was appointed as the personal box-maker and packer of the Empress of France, Eugenie de Montijo – wife to Napoleon Bonaparte. And from then, he never stopped.

    4. Thomas Burberry  (Founder of Burberry)

    The iconic Burberry stripes on cream can never go unrecognized! This high-end luxury brand was started by Thomas Burberry at an early age of 21. If you have a trench coat in your wardrobe and you love it, don’t forget to remember and thank Mr. Burberry for giving it to you. The man designed the Tielocken, the original design  behind the modern-day trench coat. In 1880, he discovered a material called the Gabardine, which was initially meant to drape soldiers to protect them from the rain in the battlefield.

    Curiouskeeda - High End Fashion - Burberry

    Later on, the trench coat became an instant success among the crowds and remains as a timeless piece of essential clothing for both woman and man.

    5. Coco Chanel
    (Founder of Chanel)

    Coco Chanel was the lady behind the brand. She did achieve great amounts of success and glamour in her picturesque life,but things never started off at ease for Chanel. . Born in a poor family, she was the daughter of a peasant and a street vendor. At the age of 18, she went to an orphanage when her mother passed away. It is there where her love for embroidery and sewing deepened resulting in this prolific love for fashion.

    Curiouskeeda - High End Fashion - Chanel

    She began her career with designing hats and sold them in a shop in Paris which she started in 1913. From bob cut hair to short skirts exposing ankles of women for greater comfort, Coco Chanel screamed of boldness and truly revolutionized women’s fashion once and for all!

    So there you have it! Every high-end fashion house will have an interesting backstory to go with it. Did we not cover your favorite high-end fashion house?
    Or do you know some interesting facts which we didn’t mention?
    Tell us down in the comments section below!  
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