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Books VS Movies: Who Do You Think Will Win?

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In the crowd of diverse human faces, there are this certain species of individuals known by their specific peculiarities. These beings, as they describe themselves, are simply book lovers. Any normal pedestrian would prefer spending good chunk of money on food and accessories, however, a book-lover would always prefer spending his/her extra-savings on the trending best seller. These extraordinary beings, like any other superheroes, are very possessive of their superpowers. And they would never let anyone know how good they are at reading and rereading and rereading the same book. Intoxicated by the smell of new arrivals, chirping the chants of their personal libraries, willing to sacrifice necessary sleep to reach the climax of the book are some of their distinguished characteristics.

Living in harmony with these book-lovers, exists another section of characters with their own set of diversities. This section of people are referred to as movie buffs or cinephiles. The characteristics of a movie buff would include an untainted passion for cinema, dedicating a good amount of time and their extra-pennies for the first day first show trail, visiting IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes more than often and developing the system to judge people based on their genre preferences.

History serves the better truth that when these two communities have clashed, the result has always been a never-ending age-old debate. The debate being: Books Vs Movies. The cause of this dead-end debate are not the members of the community but the mediocre. For a book lover, it is always books and for a cinephile, its always movies, period. However, the group of people who have both books and GBs of memory occupied by movies are the cause of this super geeky debate. There are many fronts based on which these two can be parametrized and we may not risk trying to end with a conclusion. Let your sense of judgement kick in and decide for you.


Trends of 3-3:30 hours of movies are long gone and movies generally reach the 2:00-hour mark nowadays. On the other hand book reading could be more fun because it comes along with your comforts. You could enjoy the book in a silent corner while movies attract a good amount of crowd. A book, if not up to your mark, could be skipped at any point of time; however, you generally see the whole movie even if you feel your money has been drained down the flush! If a book or its character really inspire, you would probably end up reading the book and reading it repeatedly  but this is not usually the case with movies.


Books are no doubt easy to carry and the original portable source of entertainment. A pocketbook finds its space in one of your pockets and does not need the pampering of charging or switching off and on. Technology has kicked in to make Kindle, PSP, or your normal Android/IPhone a good portable and a convenient reading facility. However, one can no doubt use the same phone for watching a movie. But, with the diminished screen size, we always prefer reading a book from your phone rather than trying to make out which wire does Ethan Hunt cut for yet another Mission Impossible.

Journey to the Wonderland

A movie only shows what the director wants you to see. While reading a book, the human mind can imagine up to any levels of creativity and create a completely new mysterious wonderland. A human mind has the ability to build up images that even the best of animation cannot produce. Movies have the ability to inhibit the power of imagination you have. Rare are those flicks, which can produce manifold images in the minds of a spectator.

Pause and Play

There are certain instances in a book where you feel like savouring a particular scene or a line or just even a word. That’s the beauty of a book. You can start again and enjoy the same mystifications for as long as you want. Rereading your favourite part is like remembering the taste of the most expensive wine you ever sipped, feeling the warm within repeatedly. Not every individual has an appetite to watch a 2-hour long animation again and again. Most importantly, books don’t need any technical equipment unlike movies do. 

Social interaction

Books at times, could be antisocial. You can’t discuss during the process of reading however you can always sneak in a few words in the individual’s ear sitting next to you in a movie theatre. Readers generally prefer silent environments to savour every word of the book. What do you prefer?


An environmental activist prefers movies over books only because of the fact books consume tons of paper. However, movies are not far behind in the race of wastage. Truck full of money is used to shoot certain sequences of a movie, leading to wastage of both time and money.

Adapting movies from books

Try saying something like ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ movie was better than the book in front of a book-lover and he will go to any extent to get your execution arranged. Most movies adapted from books have generally failed to impersonate the writers mind in the movie. A true book-lover would choose book over movie any day on this beautiful planet. However, one possible benefit of movie adapted from a book are the musical numbers and visual designs that enhance the watching experience. Every spectator in the audience shed a tear when Rose and Jack got separated. Imagine, the climax of a story, and the background is glittered by a light musical, which eventually dwells into the audience’s mind as the story reaches its resolution. That moment makes you fall in love with the story, the characters and of course, the melody of music. The audience might not fall for every dialogue or thoughts of a character, but certain scenes are worth remembering.

The world belongs to the disconnected
-Oscar Wilde

Majority readers reading this article  themselves are book-lovers because books allow the reader to be a part of the story. Readers are not simply readers; they are observers who have insight into the character’s thoughts and feelings. A reader fascinates the long process of reading in order to cherish the moments of how the story unfolds.

With books, there is always more. A writer lays more emphasis on detailing, more focus on building the character and the plot, and more depth to the meaning. No doubt, it is more time-consuming form of the two. After a couple of hours of a back and forth journey to the mysterious wonderland built in the novel, immersed into a land of different creatures and a completely new state of mind, life suddenly thrusts back into reality when you close the book.

The bottom line being, it depends. The decision depends on what amount of time you are ready to spend for either of the activity. It is like the non-solvable “chicken-egg” question. Both have their pros and cons and they cannot be compared to reach a decision. Parents might agree on the fact that books are best for their kids because books are the best bet for young minds. Books serve as those little wings of imagination. In order to help the young ones ride their individual flights of originality. The studio-created stories often miss on that front but still are loads of fun for a lot of us. It’s better for you to decide your preference.

After all this, what do you prefer?
Book or Movie? 
Let us know in the comment section below.

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