6 Reasons Why You Should Fall In Love With Radhika Apte!

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    There is no doubt that Radhika Apte is one of the best actresses of this era when it comes to Indian cinema. Not only she is gorgeous, but she is also one of the most versatile performers who  have graced the Indian screen.

    For the longest time, she did not get the appreciation that she truly deserved even in her initial days, but directors and producers are slowly beginning to recognize her unmatched potential . She has been a part of the industry for more than a decade now, and the variety of films that she has delivered in this period is impressive.

    Recently,  she has become popular especially among youngsters due to her brilliant performance in Netflix originals ‘Lust Stories’ and ‘Sacred Games’. Not only is her presence fresh and engaging, but it is also helping the audience appreciate women-centric films even more.

    If you are wondering why you too should fall in love with Radhika Apte like us, then read on.

    1. She loves doing regional language films

    Most actresses leave their regional industries behind because they cannot resist the charm of the tinsel town. However, Radhika Apte has managed to do a number of films in different languages. She is equally brilliant and gives her the best in all the films that she signs up for. Whether it be Bengali or South Indian, Radhika has made a significant impact.

    2. She is a woman of substance

    If you think that Radhika Apte is just another actress with a pretty face, you are wrong. She was a student of mathematics and economics in college. Then she started dabbling in theatre and became a part of a troupe named Aasakta.

    Her film debut in Bollywood was a side role in Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi. Since then she has come a long way purely based on talent and persistence. Radhika Apte has acted in several critically acclaimed films like Shor in the City, Phobia and Parched. Her films are hardly ever frivolous and but every time her films deliver an impactful message. From Shor in the City to Padman, her role has grabbed the eye balls of many.

    3. As an actress she is fearless

    Radhika Apte does not accept any and every role that comes her way just for the sake of exposure. She veers towards bold roles that let her show her acting mettle on screen. She is picky when it comes to selecting roles. The films she chooses to work in should be challenging and exciting for her. Unlike a majority of actresses, Radhika is content driven and does not like superficial roles. However, she does feel that indie (independent film/movie) and commercial cinema is slowly coming together which is a huge improvement for Indian cinema.

    4. Her personality is non-conformist

    Radhika Apte is not someone who will adhere to societal rules and statuses just because they can help her gain more popularity. Her eclectic nature of work is proof that she is a non-conformist by nature and wants to go beyond the fixed boundaries in order to progress in her life and career. She does not stand for society’s double standards and advocates feminism. If you want to know an actress who breaks all common stereotypes and is a bold presence on screen, then Radhika is the gal for you!

    5. Her voice is beautiful

    Have you ever heard a voice that has stayed with you for a long time just because how unique it was? Hearing Radhika will have the same effect on you because she has a very unique voice.

    Not only she has immense control over her voice modulation, but she can also make it sensual or serious (wherever required) at will. This characteristic distinguishes her character further.

    There is no doubt that Radhika Apte is one of a kind, and we should be proud to watch her on screen.She even wows international audience. Her simplicity and charm make her irresistible to film-goers who love the depth that she adds into a  film. She is beautiful and could have gone the commercial way to earn big bucks. But she chose to honour her love for theatre and film by being true to her values and beliefs.

    Now that you know why Radhika Apte is everyone’s new crush, why not binge-watch some of her best movies? We recommend that you start with Parched!

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