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Are Your Valentine’s Day Roses Saying More Than You Think?

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When the occasion is all about love, can flowers be far behind? Flowers form the most beautiful item to express your love with and is an indispensable gift for Valentine’s Day. It is difficult to say how and when the use of flowers began during Valentine’s Day celebrations. Fresh flowers have always been seen as an embodiment of beauty and the use of it as a gift item is regarded as an expression of the beautiful wishes that reside in the heart of the giver.

You meant to say, “thank you,” but instead you said, “I’m falling for you!” When you send Valentine’s Day flowers, you’re honoring tried and tested tradition. However, sending roses of certain colors may say more than you think. Wanna read more about the day of love??

Sending roses on Valentine’s Day is a classic idea and will always win you points, but make sure that the color of the roses matches your true feelings. 

Red roses are the traditional way to say “I love you,” and are, therefore, the most popular flower sent on Valentine’s Day. However, think beyond red this year. Valentine’s Day is when we celebrate love, of course, but in the people we love, there is often much more to celebrate. Luckily, for most every feeling and sentiment, there is a color of a rose. Give your better half an artificial flower!

The rose wins hands down as the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day. Roses of different colors carry different meanings and messages. Know about the association of different roses with Valentine’s Day and what color you should pick to gift to your dear ones on the occasion. If you enjoy reading this article on Valentine’s Day Flowers, click here and forward this article to your friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Though a number of beautiful blossoms such as tulips, daffodils, and irises are used as Valentine gifts, the most popular flower for the occasion is undoubtedly the rose. The color of a rose can have a very different meaning from what a giver intends. Whether you are sending a single rose or armfuls of the fragrant flower, there is an inherent message to the symbolism. It is noteworthy that the color of the rose that you gift to a person indicates the nature of your love for him or her. Take a look below to know what roses of different colors indicate:

Red Roses – Love and romance.

Red Roses Flowers
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Scottish poet Robert Burns didn’t compare his love to a red, red rose for nothing. They have been associated for ages with beauty and perfection; red roses are a timeless way to say “I love you.” So if you receive red roses, you know you are truly loved.

Pink Roses – Love, gratitude and appreciation.

Pink Roses Flowers
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Pink roses are not only stunning but can be used to communicate many messages when you’ve got something important to say to your loved one including love, gratitude, and appreciation. They are also an extremely elegant flower. Pink roses will make you feel loved and appreciated, which is a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Gift a flower that says “Love” to your better half.

White Roses – Marriage, spirituality, new starts.

White Roses Flowers
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White roses are traditionally linked with marriage and new beginnings. If you’re hoping for that special proposal, then maybe white roses will say it all.

Lilies – Promise, passion, life, and fidelity.

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What they mean says it all, so you can certainly put a smile on your face for a bouquet of lilies. Why should one give their partners a flower?

Carnations – Love, fascination and undying love.

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Carnations mean you are certainly loved, a lot and good things are sure to come your way.

Chrysanthemum – Optimism, and joy.

Chrysanthemum  flowers
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There is lots of hope for your relationship, and it’s sure to be a happy union.

Break the tradition of gifting natural flowers and give your better half an artificial flower which would definitely be as fresh as your relation.

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