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Welcome The New Flair of Highlighting: Why Is There A Sudden Boom?

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The magnificent beauty business has pulled out all the stops on ‘glow’, a truly multitasking term which is slapped on everything from blusher to body oil to foundations to much much more. The question is, is it only a marketing ploy, or is there additional to it?

Dewy, shining, radiant, luminescent — there is no lack of ways to portray the cutting edge of wonderful skin. A complexion that looks “lit from within,” is the norm nowadays, both via social media and general. Yet, all that lovely writing is just another way of writing and saying highlighting, which is a beauty technique that has been a pillar in the repertoire of expert makeup artists for quite a long time now. But, as of late, that master mystery has detonated into the mainstream beauty world. Highlighting has come to public eyes now!

highlighter glow
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How about we come to a point and say: highlighter is all over the place now.

The specialized term for the trend pattern with around one million different names—strobing, non-touring, luminizing—just comes with one aim in mind: making that area at the highest point of your cheekbone, coming in directly under your eye, sparkle brilliant like a precious stone.

the cheekbone glow

With so much that we see online, a snappy question: Is there such a thing as too much highlight? I guess no, right?

It is only a look where it would seem that there is a jewel on cheeks mirroring the light so sharply that I could cut somebody, well, that is because there is. Highlighting causes such an effect honestly.

Now, all this honestly prompts a question: Why is everybody all of a sudden so much obsessed with this, the highlighters? But to comprehend this crazy obsession, we have to go a little back first – I mean way back – to the appearance of visual craftsmanship.

theather time highlight
Hollywood Reporter

The procedures of highlight and shade are as old as portrait painting itself. Quick forward to the introduction of the film business in the 20th century Hollywood, where the most shootings was done outside in the light, and the daylight normally characterized an on-screen character’s face by reflecting off their cheekbones, nose, and jawline.

When filming moved to indoor studios, makeup artists, directors, actors and crew members had to get inventive to emulate that impact of glow!

Working in the film or television industry, lighting is basic and can make or break a makeup artist’s work. A few directors of photography are splendid at this. Experienced on-screen actors also know which lighting positions suit their face best.

old times highlighted face

“Utilizing the highlighting strategies for theater can help the actor create an increasingly believable character. It additionally helps the spectators to see the actor’s features from anyplace in the theater.” (To get that instantly highlighted look, one needs to know where to highlight)

These special conditions made highlighting, as we now know it.

places to put highlighter and contour
  • The bones of a face catch light first… they give shape and contour to the face. Makeup can further emphasize this by highlighting cheek and forehead bones. It can kill dull zones around the eyes and jawline.
    (To get the right glow, here is how and where to apply highlighter)
  • For anyone who’s ever woken up to dull, puffy skin and under-eye packs, the appeal of highlighters is self-evident

Highlighting is a way to make a composition look “hyper-genuine,” illuminating skin to bring out the bone structure and make that dewy impact. It really draws out an individual’s facial shape, giving definitions where required.

What’s more, because of a surge of red carpet looks on social media just as Instagram and YouTube tutorial videos— not to mention the steady want for selfie-ready, #nofilter skin — that expert technique blasted its way into the commercial center this year.

Furthermore, beauty companies took full advantage by releasing a large number of items that guarantee to perk up your appearance with only a couple of swipes of a powder, fluid, cream, or a solid stick.

highlight and contour

Now it is all about looking like you feel, or need to feel, the encapsulation of aspirational beauty, and going the extent that you can to get that going. This may appear to be harmless, but does in actuality take us back to the social media, where truth and reality are undermined. If the tricky glow is about acquiring a look of health, rather than youthfulness – of showing up fresh, gym-fresh or even pregnant(glowing skin you know) – what are the ethics of faking it?

Whatever the case, highlighting is currently the new trend and to ace the art one needs to know nearly everything to master it flawlessly. (You are just one click away to master the art of highlighter application)

There are a few things you need to know if you want to have your highlighter game on point:

beuty blender of brush

Use a Beauty Blender to apply highlighter. For a powder highlighter, one should use an Artis brush. It’s great for pulling in your highlighting; it’s the ideal size and shape to blend it in.

The Technique to Master The Art Of Highlighting

how and where to highlight

To have an all-over glowing look, take some highlighter on the top of your finger and tenderly press it into the highest points of the cheekbones. Directly underneath the mouth, on the jawline region, down the nose, down the focal point of the face in the middle of the eyes. If the weather is not sweltering hot, you can also use a creamy highlighter. The creamy highlighter is like grease, but it is advised to not use such during hot and humid days. Save yourself from the trouble. The powder formula is sure to give you the required tad of oomph.

the cheekbone highlight

Just the cheekbone highlight makes your cheekbone look higher, so you don’t want it to droop. Your contour or your bronzer, whatever is on your cheek, you should make it stay on the top.

the natural highlight glowthe natural highlight glow
The Trend Spotter

For the everyday highlighted look, put some highlighter on the highest points of the cheekbones, directly underneath your lip, on the focal point of the jawline. You can likewise do the cupid’s bow, which will give the figment of more full lips. Run it down the center of the nose, from the eye as far as possible of the nose, and it’ll make it appear as though you found a side nose line of work, which is in every case great. Directly in the middle of your eyebrows, and you can likewise put it directly underneath your temples bone. All these areas when nicely highlighted are sure to give you the required everyday glow.
Here is how you can choose the right shade for yourself.

With the budding trend, you also need to be updated. Now that you know the reason of this boom and the ways to apply it, it is time to buy the right highlighter for your skin.

Happy Highlighting, Happy Glowing Face!

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