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Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit For Brides-To-Be!

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Ron Weasley may know nothing and be absolutely clueless about a lot of stuff in life but if you happen to be the lady of the hour, “the bride-to-be” then you should know everything about the big day survival emergency kit! You have to know everything under the roof for this period for sure!  Despite the fact that each bride dreams and craves for an ideal, fairytale wedding, it’s practically incomprehensible for things to happen all as arranged. Regardless of the amount of time you put planning and how detailed your preparations are, wedding day incidents will undoubtedly occur and are just unavoidable. While you just can’t anticipate what may turn out badly, you can unquestionably be set up to deal with whatever comes your way with a wedding first aid pack.

We understand that you already have a lot served on your plate to oversee before your wedding, but a pre-sorted wedding day survival emergency kit may come very handy during the day and will save you from all the running around! You can also ask your bridesmaids, your mother or your kin to help you set one emergency kit beforehand!  All things considered, it will be one of them to keep this kit convenient upon the arrival of the wedding. So it’s practical and reasonable enough for them to know precisely what’s inside and why.

So, here’s an ultimate wedding day emergency kit checklist for every bride-to-be:

1.   Take Care Of Your Health And Hygiene!

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In the middle of all the wedding planning pressure and late-night pre-wedding festivities, headaches and experiencing body pains and exertions are very ordinary. In this way, it’s a smart thought to bear some pain killers if you or somebody in your squad is feeling a little sick. Bandages are a great idea to have, too, just in case your bridal shoe may cause rankles or are uncomfortable to wear. Alongside that, you want to smell bad during the D-day?? We understand that amidst all that dancing, running and wearing those heavy embellished dresses, body odor is ordinary, but you also have to understand that you are the center of attraction today and people will come and shower you with hugs and kisses. To avoid this embarrassing situation, keep the best smelling perfume you have in your kit! Keep in mind to stuff your emergency kit with anti-allergy medicines, pain-killing sprays, antiseptic cream, and some sanitary napkins and tampons to keep a check of your health and hygiene amidst all the craziness!

2. Hair and Makeup Touch Ups Are Necessary!

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A lady of the hour should be all picture prepared all through her wedding. There are cameras all around to capture your happy moments. There are a lot of picture takers and visitors capturing you all the time! Be it while performing wedding ceremonies, embracing loved ones, or physical reasons like your hair stalling out to the face via sweat or tears, you’re unquestionably going to need something to keep each hair and makeup immaculately in place! Make sure you are already with tons of bobby pins, hair spray, hairbrush, lipstick, eyeliner, tissues, compact powder and somebody location in your big day first aid emergency kit.

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3. Wardrobe Essentials In Case Of Emergency

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The big day survival emergency kit will right away spare you if you come across any humiliating tears, or locate any free strings. Safety pins are important for keeping everything set up in a place as it should be-from ill-fitting dresses to bothersome underwear appearances. Keep in mind to have some safety pins, sewing kit, adhesives, scissors, extra set on innerwear and some hand towels.

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4. Don’t Forget To Pack Your Mini Hunger Kit

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With ceaseless wedding rituals and several visitors to welcome, you won’t get much time to eat. Dodge discombobulation, tipsiness, or nausea by ensuring you’re chomping on vitality giving, non-staining little bites like nuts or protein bars. Likewise, remember to keep the water a bottle handy as remaining hydrated is essential to keep your makeup on point and obviously to hold your bridal glow!

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