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How To Beat The Winter Blues This Chill Season!

beat the winter chill
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Cold winter weather and lack of sunshine have you feeling lazy, unmotivated or just downright blah? There are many things that affect our moods, especially when it comes to the changing of the seasons. 

It’s mid-winter. You’ve shopped your fall trends, you’ve picked up some fabulous investment pieces. Maybe a statement coat, cool puffer, cashmere sweater, a pair of jeans you adore.

So why the slump?

Sometimes, all it takes, to revamp your look and mood, is a fun accessory. A cozy plaid scarf, a faux fur piece, something in animal print, a cute hat, a statement necklace, even a new phone case (I’m serious!).

Regularly throughout the winter, individuals find themselves increasingly tired and worn out because of the absence of direct sunlight and the shortened days. Depression, anxiety and other symptoms also abound in climates subject to harsh weatherBuy Some Of The Best Heated Slippers.

There is a bunch of things that can be done to beat these symptoms, yet many people don’t consider a change to their wardrobe or style habits to be a factor in beating the winter blues. They would not be right. Changed your wardrobe but not your make up routine?

Here are a few ways that changing up how you manage your style can change your winter outlook:

Get Dressed Up And Get Out Of Your House

dressed up in winters
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So often during the winters, it is extremely simple to just want to twist up on the couch and be withdrawn, but this is a simple way to creating depression and lethargy, not to mention that it is really bad for your waistline. So put on some party clothes and get out and just do something. Even if you just go to the other road for dinner. The fun clothing will surely make you feel better and getting out on the town will give you a feeling of achievement. This will no more make you wanting to cuddle up in your winter blanket and feel the chill down your spine. Now that we are fully covered up from the cold, let’s take care of our face with these hacks.

Know Your Body’s Comfort Temperature

shivering in winter
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It is cold outside, that is a given, but not realizing or knowing your body’s comfortable indoor temperature setting and finding ways to adhere to it can cause us to feel tired, anxious and restless. Pay attention to when you feel the most comfortable in places you spend the most time, like your house, car and office, and dress accordingly. Dress in layers so that you can add or detract to accommodate your current temperature. Feeling comfortable will go a long way toward helping your attitude and make you more productive overall. It also can help with aches and pains often brought on by the cold-inducing stiffness of winter. Lips feeling a little chapped with winters, bring home some lip balms for your rescue.

Engage Your Mind

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The mind is so powerful and we use so little of it. In reality, though, we can always activate parts of our brains to help us override the blues. If you ask questions of yourself (or of others), your mind doesn’t have time to be blue because it’s busy. And an engaged mind is less liable to be sad or down. A lot of the time, the blues come on because we have too much time to think. Get yourself an amazing pair of heated slippers.

Scarf It Up

women wearing scarf in winter
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Winter is just synonymous with scarfs. Layer them up with any outfit and that outfit is sure to look all mesmerizing and oomph up. There are a lot of variety of scarfs available in the market, get your hands to the one you connect your personality with. Here is our list to keep you all layered up with scarfs this winter like a diva. This additional layer of the garment is sure to keep you away from all the winter blues.

It’s All In The Details

women wearing knitted scarf in winters
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Very often, winter fashion is not considered as “fun” as garments from different seasons. The holiday seasons have shimmer and sparkle, spring and summer have flowy chiffons and funky patterns, and fall has rich tints and rich leathers. Here is our list to keep you all layered up with scarfs this winter. In contrast, winter has soft knits and heavier fabrics, which are great to wear, but often lack many of the unique details found in these other seasonal aspects. Finding ways to spruce up your cold-weather items can be a great way to get more mileage out of your pieces as well as make them feel new and special. Add fun belts, layered chunky jewelry, colorful tights, pins, faux collars, great boots and more to make the most out of your simple winter fashions. Get the best-heated slippers.

Don’t Wear All Black

women wearing all black in winter
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Coincidently, citrus colors like yellow, orange and green give off a vibe of happiness and elevate our spirits. Black, on the other hand, evokes strong emotions, but is also associated with intelligence and makes us appear central. Thus, adding a bright accessory to an all black outfit can really lighten your mood.

Wear Heated Slippers

heated slippers for winter - curiouskeeda
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When the temperature outside drops, so does the temperature in our feet and hands. With hands and feet being cold consistently, it becomes a problem to sleep and walks at times. To bring you some warmth comes the heated slippers. Coming in a variety of styles, these adorable heat slippers, which lets you get pleasant and warm rapidly and effectively. Confused which heated slipper should you buy, well we have got you covered. Once you have your foot in these, you are sure to feel a lot more comfortable in the winters! Walking in these cute looking biggie heated slippers can make you look super cute along with all the added benefits it possesses!

Regardless of how you decide to accomplish it, doing something else with your style, getting out in the town, and cherishing the way your look can help you make the most out of the winter wonderland and ask the blues to leave for good for one more day.

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