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9 Best Shampoos That Will Elevate Your Hair-Story

9 Best Shampoos
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Most of us have our own mini karaoke session or probably a ted talk contemplating the complexities of life while washing our hair. This seems to be the most exciting routine to start off a hectic day on a high note. Coming to shampoos, we always seem to be wanting better results and never seem to be satisfied with it. If you’re amongst those who’s ready to experiment using the hit and trial method then trust me, one amongst these shapes are sure to leave you with much better results than what you’d have anticipated. How should you wash your hair?

Haircare needs to be given equal attention to skincare. You can’t expect it to shower you with results if you haven’t done enough for it. Shampoos and conditioners are like an inseparable, one, therefore, needs to get both of them for stunning results.

But before we start skipping steps, let’s go through some of the shampoos which have recently hit the market and are showering great results.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar No Parabens & Sulphate Shampoo

Shampoo 299.00
Shampoo + Body Lotion Ultra Light Hydration, 300ml613.00
Shampoo + Face Mask801.00
Shampoo + Sulphate Shampoo680.00
Shampoo + Mist Spray1051.00

Apple Cider is undeniably that one ingredient that seems to turn on each one of us. WoW, shampoo brings to you its ancient skin and hair care secret without the best of ingredients. This sulfate and paragon free shampoo seems to make every onlooker gape and say WOW! Solving problems of dandruff, itchy and dry scalp with apple cider vinegar that has anti-fungal properties that balance the pH level, this shampoo helps to clear the follicle region by unclogging the pores and refreshing the scalp.

TRESemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish Shampoo, 580ml

TRESemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish Shampoo, 580ml - Shampoos
Source: www.amazon.in
Style NamePrice
New Pack Detox and Restore287.00

TRESemme has become a cult classic over the years. Despite entering the Indian markets pretty recently this product seems to be going well with the Indian hair. Saving money without trips the parlours in one thing this product assures. With its system crafted with expertise this product is infused with rich botanical blend of olive oil & camelia Oil to conceal frizzy hair. Say no more and switch to this TRESemme!

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

340 ML179.00
600 ML382.00
1 L443.00

Hair fall is such a common phenomenon. To deal with this major problem of thinning hair, Dove brings to you its hair fall rescue shampoo. With enriching properties, this shampoo nourishes the moisture content from the root to the tip. With nutrilock actives, formulated with nutritive serum, it leaves hair strong and beautiful. Say no to hair fall worries and do more in life. Dove hair fall rescue lets you be stronger, bolder and closer, every day.

Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution Hair Fall Control Shampoo, 1 L

340 ML190.00
650 ML324.00
1 L475.00

With a combination of vitamins and fermented rice water Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula is that instant remedy to fighting dryness.This shampoo significantly softens hair and gives it the salon shine by hydrating it the hair follicle thoroughly. Pantene does miracles through its age hold hair fall secret using fermented rice.

Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo

Buy Now: Rs. 200

Growing up, all of us wanted hair like the girl in the Clinic Plus ads isn’t it ? You could probably get her look by using the age old shampoo with enhanced milk protein which penetrates each hair strand providing nourishment each time you wash your hair. Its multivitamin formulae is suitable for all hair types and is sure to give you strong and healthy hair after continuous use for a given period of time.

Park Avenue ANTI DANDRUFF Beer shampoo

ANTI DANDRUFF Beer shampoo 180ml – For Men114.00
ANTI DANDRUFF Beer shampoo 180ml – For Men + Shiny And Bouncy Beer Shampoo269.00

Men always seem to have fun be it with the beer in the mug or the beer in their hair. Park Avenue brings to you its first-ever beer shampoo with 5 in 1 conditioning properties. It gives you 5 times more conditioned hair with proteins and natural bio-actives of barley and hops. Hops & yeast in beer helps to alleviate dandruff and reduces itchiness of the scalp. 3 wash cycles are enough for drastic results. Its natural cleaning process makes it gentle enough for everyday use.

Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo, 190ml

Biotique Bio Kelp Fresh Growth Protein Shampoo, 190ml - Shampoos
Source: www.amazon.in

BUY NOW AT 111.00

Made out of natural eco-friendly materials, this shampoo instills Intensive hair Growth and provides damage repair. This nourishing shampoo is a blend of pure kelp, natural proteins, peppermint oil and mint leaf extract, to gently cleanse hair and invigorate the scalp for healthier shine. Fortified with nourishing herbal extracts and conditioning oils this shampoo manages to repair dry, damaged, and fragile hair.

Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo

Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo - Shampoos
Source: www.amazon.in

Buy Now At 249.00

Co-created with hair expert Jamal Hammadi, this shampoo gives you a long-lasting shine with its Amla Pearl Complex. It helps nourish hair from the root to the scalp giving the user deeper, shinier hair from the first wash. Enhancing the shine, this shampoo revives your black hair, leaving it fully moisturized and mesmerizingly shiny.

L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo

BUY NOW AT 133.00

This deal from L’Oreal is a win-win. The shampoo and conditioner together help fight against the five visible signs of damaged hair – hair fall, dryness, roughness, dullness and split ends. The duo of shampoo and conditioner will ensure cohesion and strength while keeping the hair strong and resilient.

Stock up on your favorites and get the better off your hair with one of these shampoos.

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