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Shreya Jain Inspired Makeup Looks To Try This Karva Chauth!

Karva Chauth
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Karva Chauth is that day when most married women fast and dress up for their spouses. Obviously then, you women deserve to dress up and look good on the eve of Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is just round the corner and all the married beauties must be surely excited for this pious occasion. It is the day when most married women fast and dress up for their other halves. Women dress up, apply mehendi, get sargi, fast the entire day delicacies, gifts, mothers-in-law love on this auspicious day. Well by now I am sure all the major preparations like jewelry and clothes must have been completed by you all! Now its time for Karva Chauth makeup. Every lady has different makeup preferences – while some love to experiment with bold colors and keep their look bold, others may like to keep it down with nude colors while keeping the look minimalistic. When it comes to dressing up for an occasion like Karwa Chauth, every woman wants to feel special for the man she loves, and rightly so.

So, we here at curiouskeeda have brought something which will make your look even more gorgeous with all the ethnic touch for the special occasion. Here are some make-up ideas that
you married ladies can try on with your ethnic wear.


Simple makeup look

simple make up look
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If you are someone who enjoys simple and graceful makeup then this one is for you! To achieve this simple Karva Chauth makeup look, you can:

– apply some concealer and then add some glossy sheen with a highlighter. — To add a hint of color, go for some pigmented blush or a cheek tint.
– Finish the look with a nude lipstick or light pink lipstick.
– You can also go for a small bindi and bangles that match the color of your outfit.
– To complete your look, tie your hair in a bun and wear matching jewelry to go with your outfit.

There you go, simple and lovely!


Splash of colors

Source: www.instagram.com/shreyajain26/

Why not try something new and add a punch of fresh colors to your usual Karva Chauth makeup routine?

– You can use neutral monochromatic hues to have that look of crazy lip colors and bold eyes.
– Add a pop of some contrasting colors on your eyes.
– Just a thin line of eyeliner on the upper lid with a highly pigmented eye shadow will go a long way, along with a gentle stroke of mascara.
– When going for this look you can skip the blusher to avoid any color confusion on the face.
– To complete the look, go bold with your lips.
– Add a contrasting popping shade on the lips, or just let the eyes do the talking and play muted around your lips – the choice is yours.

Keep your hairstyle neat and non-fussy. Do not add much drama around the crowns to win hearts. 


Bright Red Lips For The Day

karva chauth makeup look
Source: www.instagram.com/shreyajain26/

A nice bright red lip is enough to doll up on Karva Chauth!

– To ace the bold lip look, keep in mind to keep your Karva Chauth makeup simple so that your lips remain the highlight of this look.
– Apply some concealer and use a highlighter.
– Put a small bindi and tie your hair in a bun with a gajra.

This makeup look will look good with your anarkali suit or sari.


No Makeup Look

karva chauth makeup look
Source: www.instagram.com/shreyajain26/

If you are planning to go for a no-makeup, Karva Chauth makeup look; don’t forget to:

– apply the basic makeup like concealer, contour, and a light skin shade blush!
– Carefully apply a nude lipstick to play up your lips.
– Keep the eyes minimal to fake a no-makeup makeup look!

Bam, you are ready!


The Smokey Eyes Look

karva chauth makeup look
Source: www.instagram.com/shreyajain26/

This dark-eyed look is a great makeup trend that looks good on all complexions. If you like to accentuate your eyes, this is the perfect look for you.

– Take a dark blue, charcoal or black colored eye-shadow and apply all over your upper lid (Read our article on how to use a highlighter to its full potential).
– Carefully take the eye-shadow outwards and give it a winged look.
– Finish the Smokey look with few strokes of mascara.
– You may wear false eyelashes to add some more glam to the look.
– When playing around the eyes with darker hues, you should skip the cheek area or keep it as natural as possible.
– Just add a tinge of pink to give some freshness to the look. 
– The lips should have just a hint of a muted color.
– A nude pink or peach would work well for fair skin, and a lighter shade of mauve or violet will look good on the dusky skin.
– Finish the look by adding some extra zing to the look by curling your hair in soft curls.
– You can also tie them in a French knot for a neater look.

You are all dolled up for the D-day now! Shine brighter than the moon!

All these looks are inspired by the most stylish Shreya Jain! She knows how to get the perfect look for the perfect occasion.

Wear a beautiful outfit, accessories with your old and ethnic statement jewelry and try any of the above makeup looks to look like a diva for the love of your life.

To complete your Karwa Chauth makeup look, you may adorn a bindi, some sindoor and some bangles. You’re all set to feel and look special this Karwa Chauth.

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