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4 Sun Safety Tips For Men

Best Sunsafety Tips
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The summer heat seems to be beaming over our heads already. With the sun right above our heads and cola to cool us down. There seems to be no other better definition to bliss other than this. Swimming pools and beaches are the very obvious places people flock to during this season. Most of us look forward to the ice- creams or cold shakes but more often than not we forget to guard ourselves against the scorching sun’s heat.

The sun always seems to exist along with its harmful UV rays. The easiest way to beat this heat is by using sunscreen. The sunscreen season also seems to have hit the roads just as the temperatures are on a massive rise. The sunscreen helps provide broad protection from the sun’s heat. The sunscreen helps reflect back the sun’s rays while avoiding the deeper penetration of the rays through the various layers of the skin. Get yourself a sunscreen to beat the summer heat this season. Despite it being necessary for us to use sunscreen during the summers, it is recommended to use sunscreen throughout the year. The sun’s heat might not be this harsh, yet the harmful rays persist. The only way to beat the harmful rays is by using sunscreen all throughout the year and not just the summers.

Women are pretty much conscious about their skin and they always seem to be trying to bringing the best out of it. Men, on the other hand, do not pay much attention to grooming themselves. Men, unknowingly or knowingly spend a major amount of time baking under the sun. Alongside this, they do not apply a great amount of moisturizer or various layers of products thus exposing their skin to the harmful suns rays. It is thus recommended for men to apply the sunscreen on a daily basis.

‘The sunscreen can also be used to compensate for the daily moisturizer as well. It can, therefore, serve both purposes. There are a few other ways to protect the harsh men’s skin. Here are a few amongst many sun safety tips one needs to follow to protect their skin. 

Caps And Hats

Hats and caps are the usual go to’s for everyone during the summer. The caps provide shade to the face and helps in protecting the skin. A hat with a brim that provides shade throughout the face, ears, and the back of ones’ neck. Any piece of cloth which seamlessly covers the skin especially the region around the face and neck can protect you from the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Try avoiding fancy caps and has which allow the rays to pass through. It is also recommended to use darker hats and caps as they are known to provide greater UV protection. One needs to ensure that they cover their ears, neck, and face thoroughly while using the cap. Should men apply sunscreen daily?


Sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun and reduce the risk of cataracts. They also protect the tender skin around the eye region. Try using wrap-around glasses to get the best sort of protection from the sun. You could also check out our recommended list of sunglasses to flaunt this summer.


Try wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants which thoroughly cover the skin. Tightly woven fabric are known to offer the best protection from the UV rays. One also needs to keep in mind the colors of the clothes. It is a well-known fact that lighter colors reduce the absorption of the heat while not many know that darker colors are known for offering more protection than lighter colors from the UV rays. It is also claimed that wet clothes provide low UV protection. One should, therefore, ensure that their clothes are dry while basking under the sun. One could also use an umbrella to provide extra protection to the skin. Use sunscreen in your daily skincare routine.


This is the most important one. One needs to thoroughly apply the sunscreen to all those regions exposed to the sun. Should you use sunscreen daily. This helps reflect back the harmful rays of the sun while also helping you avoid a tan and sunburn. The sunscreen helps prevent skin cancer and the premature aging of the skin. There might be a lot of confusion regarding sunscreen.

To understand better it is ideal if you go through UNDERSTANDING THE SUNSCREEN AND SPF BETTER. Also, one could literally use the sunscreen without any further moisturizer. So, get yourself a sunscreen right away and protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun in the easiest and best way possible.

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