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10 Best Eyeliners To Elevate Your Daily Look

10 best eyeliners
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Eyeliner accentuates the eyes and gives it a timeless yet bold look drawing all attention to itself. These are basic accessories that every girl must-have. They make a huge difference through a few strokes that it seems almost magical. It is therefore imperative enough to get yourself an eyeliner and elevate your everyday look. To have fun while winging it, check out, ways to wing your liner which undeniably will you teach you a thing or two about winging it the right way.

Purchasing an eyeliner might be easy yet difficult at the same point in time. We might know what we want but the wide range of products offered by different companies coming in different ranges almost seems to make us lose sight of your destination.

But here we are, bringing to you the best of the eyeliners which will help you do magic.

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Matte Play Eyeliner Black 01 2.5 ml (Black)

Black (Black)420.00
Sapphire (Blue)486.00

Faces with its high coverage and color pay off bring to you its ultimate eyeliner which helps you attain the perfect matte finish. With waterproof and smudge-proof features, this eyeliner give you the best finish. Also, it is dermatologically tested, now you have literally no restrictions to buy it, isn’t it?

Lakmé Absolute Shine Liquid Eye Liner, Black, 4.5ml

Buy Now For 280.00

The lake Absolute shine is a must for every girl who wants to wing the liner the right way. This liner gives you an intense bold finish at the first stroke itself. With a long-lasting polymer and water-based formula this liner is sure to leave you with a glossy texture. It undeniably ensures that you make a statement with minimal use. This smudge-proof stylish liner keeps your glamorous look intact.

Maybelline New York The Colossal Liner, 1.2ml (Black)

Maybelline New York The Colossal Liner, 1.2ml (Black)
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Buy Now For 357.00

This Maybelline’s’ is sure to leave you at ease while applying the liner. With its quick-dry formula and Flexi Tip Applicator, it is sure to leave you with a fabulous bold look. Its ink pigment technology ensures that the liner does not smudge at any cost. It is easy to use and gives you error-free perfect lines.

Music Flower Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner, Black and Brown

Music Flower Long Lasting Gel Eyeliner, Black and Brown
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Buy Now For 195.00

The 24-hour long-lasting formula accompanied with the intense color and matte coverage is undeniably a win-win for all of us. This Waterproof and smudge-proof product gives you best results when used with professional brushes and tools. The anti-sweat and anti-oil formulation with 24-hour lasting effects give you a soft texture and bright color.

Swiss Beauty 2 In1 Gel Eyeliner & Eyebrow Powder 24Hrs Smudge-Proof – Black

Buy Now For 289.00

The gel eyeliner along with the eyebrow product is a must buy. It is easy to wear and lasts long, going you a natural look with ease. Its quick dry formula makes it all the more attractive and helps you develop the best texture and look.

Spanking Precision Liquid Waterproof Lash Eyeliner Pencil (Black)

Buy Now For 40.00

This liquid waterproof eyeliner pencil helps you highlight the appearance of the eyes timelessly. The color adds depth to the lashes and enhances the eyes for a more radiant look. You can line eyes with a hint of color, create a smoky eye or go for a full artistic, multihue effect with ease using this product

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner, 4g

Lotus Herbals Opulence Botanical Eye Liner, 4g
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Buy Now For 176.00

This opulence liner is made out of almond oil and camphor makes it all the more necessary for those who want to bolden their eyes. Almond oil is an excellent emollient with nourishing properties and natural source of vitamin E. While camphor, on the other hand, provides a cooling effect to the eyes. This waterproof and smudge-proof liner with a smart, firm conical tip that enables precision while application.

Mars Eyeliner with Star Pattern, 2.5g

Buy Now For 179.00

This pen type liner is easy to use and is long lasting. With smudge proof features this eyeliner will highlight the beautiful shape of your eyes. With a  pen-type design, it makes it all the more easy for you to define the contours of your eyes and attain the desired look in one stroke.

Colorbar Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Black, 2.5ml

Buy Now For 302.00

This waterproof liquid eyeliner is long-lasting and does not smudge, crack, flake or peel. With its fast-drying nature, this liner is suitable for sensitive eyes. The high definition flexible felt tip applicator ensures that one stroke is enough to define a fine or thick line. Get yourself one that suits you the best and do tell us how you’ve winged them in the comments below. Here are some eyeliner hacks to try.

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