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Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Artificial Rings

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The use of gold plated or imitation jewelry has exponentially taken over the market mainly because it allows the users to enjoy the luxury and extravagance of real gold without burning holes in their pockets. Not only is it available at affordable prices but it also accentuates the personality of the wearer to a great extent.

However, of these artificial gems has a specific life expectancy and require most extreme care and maintenance to drag out its life. Fashion jewelry care instructions are all written on the pack itself however we decided not to tail them more often than not. Care should be done for all sorts of jewelry otherwise they are sure to get tarnished. Individuals are constantly befuddled about how to store their ensemble adornments so it does not get discolored. Thinking about the fact on how to take care of fake jewelry, the very first thing that you can for it is keeping the jewelry untangled and separately. Gift your boyfriend a smart wallet right now.

Therefore, we have listed some of the useful tips to take care of your jewelry that you receive this Valentine’s day:

Store Your Jewelry Carefully

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The best way to store these fashion jewelry and especially rings is by keeping them separately and individually in velvet or cotton pouches to prevent them from tangling, breaking, or tarnishing. It is also advisable to hang the necklaces vertically on hooks so that they are separate from each other.

Clean Your Jewelry After Using It

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In order to remove all possible product residues of make-up, perfumes, or even water that might up accidentally landed up on your jewelry, it is required to make it your habit to clean it before putting it back to its place. It may sound like a tedious task, but then to make your jewelry last longer, you’ve to put in some extra efforts, don’t you?! Wanna clean a piece of new jewelry.

Always Remove Artificial Jewelry Before Going For A Shower

Make it a thumb rule and an unsaid fact to remove all sorts of artificial jewelry you like to adorn like earrings or rings before you head to shower or any sort of activity that involves dealing with water. If you keep on doing it, your jewelry will rust within a short span of time, which is exactly what you do not want it to happen with the ring your boyfriend just gave you on Valentine’s Day. 

Keep Your Jewelry Away From Perfumes

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You should keep your jewelry away from any kind of perfume because if you spray it on the accessory it will cause the color of the jewelry to fade out. Why not buy a beautiful ring right now.

Keep Your Jewelry Away From Hairspray

We know how hurried up you are during the morning hours and it becomes quite important to do everything in a hurry. However, make sure to remove your artificial hair accessory, bangles or rings when using a hairspray. If you put in water frequently, it can cause the jewelry to rust out.

Do Not Keep Different Kinds Of Jewelry Together

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Well, avoid keeping separate kinds of jewelry together, the reason being here is that it will cause the other to break. For instance, if you keep earrings together with bangles, the hook could get tangled with them and then it becomes harder to drift them apart that results in breaking of the accessory. Purchase an artificial ring right now.

Try To Keep Them In Separate Plastic Bags

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You can get those zip-up bags from the market and store your jewelry inside them separately, doing this will save them from getting tangled and from air exposure as well.

Do Not Store Wet Jewelry

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Always let your jewelry dry first and then store it in the box, as storing wet jewelry will cause it to develop tarnish over it.

Now that you know what all needs to be done, make sure to follow them all to keep your rings and other artificial jewelry shinning.

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