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Things Men Need To Keep In Mind While Choosing A Sunscreen

Things to keep in mind while buying sunscreen
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Men are pretty steadfast with their beliefs and outlooks. They pay very little if not no heed to developing and following a skincare routine. Even if they do not use anything, it is imperative for them to use the most basic product, sunscreen. The sunscreen serves the dual purposes of moisturizing the dry layers of the skin while providing protection to the skin. It helps prevent premature skin aging and the risk of melanoma and the most disastrous, skin cancer. One does not have to apply any moisturizer if one is using the sunscreen. So, get yourself a sunscreen right away and beat the sun’s heat with ease.

There might be a wide range of products hitting the market every season and the only way to understand and realize what is right for you depends upon ones’ skin type. There might be a few products you might be sensitive to which have to be paid enough attention to while buying a product. So here are a few things we think are important for you to realize whenever you buy a product.

Broad Spectrum Protection

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The broad-spectrum protection usually protects one from both the UVA and UVB rays which are known for causing skin cancer. UVA rays are known for causing premature skin aging and skin cancer while UVB rays cause sunburns and skin cancers. One should, therefore, ensure that the product they choose helps tackle both, the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Thus one should choose a broad-spectrum product which helps tackle both the harmful rays easily. Here are some sunscreen that you should apply during the summers.


SPF - Sunscreen
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As it is consistently established that men spend a great amount of their lives under the sun it is ideally suggested for them to use a product with a higher SPF. SPF or commonly called as skin protection factor tells you how long the sun’s radiation would take to effect your skin if not redden it while you are using the product versus the amount of time without any sunscreen. Higher SPF provides greater protection to your skin and prevents the penetration of the suns rays. Under ideal conditions, any sunscreen with a higher SPF protection and broader spectrum coverage would provide more protection against sunburn, the UVA damage and DNA damage than comparable products with lower SPF values. Should one use sunscreen daily??

Harmful Products

Harmful Products
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There are a range of different substances like parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or even oxybenzone which might be harmful and result in allergies on the pores and the skin. It is therefore suggested to go for that sunscreen which has products that your skin is not allergic to. Men could also choose herbal products with natural ingredients which ideally have no harmful side effects. You need to ensure that you choose a product that is non-greasy and ensure that it also provides you enough amount of moisturization to your dry skin. Usually, organic sunscreen lotions are free of sulfate and paraben, thus are ideally suggested for dry sensitive or oily acne-prone skin. They do not cause any allergic reaction or itching which is usually the case with harsh paraben based products. Read some sunscreen myths.

One should also remember that there exists no such product which can work throughout the day. The only way to keep up with the moisture is by constantly washing and reapplication every 2 to 3 hours. Alongside, there exists no product which is water resistant. No product can prevent the effects of water. No sunscreen can be completely waterproof. They can be waterproof to a certain extent. 

Even if your daily lotion has SPF present, there exists no alternative to sunscreen. Sunscreen shields the harmful rays and reflects back some thus preventing the absorption of the heat. Get yourself a sunscreen that works best and has no side effects right way from our recommended range of products.

Sunscreen is thus necessary for all those who excessively spend a greta amount of time under the sun. Prevention is generally better than cure. And the best way to prevent skin cancer and any other skin ailments is by thoroughly applying the sunscreen. One should ensure that he uses a dime-sized amount of sunscreen, rub it over the palms and apply it over the regions including your face and neck is which is ideally known for getting tanned and burnt the most. Read some sun safety tips.

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