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The Ultimate Indian Bride Checklist is Here!

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It’s the D – Day. You, the new bride, are finished with the morning rituals where you cried a container brimming with tears, and now you are preparing for the huge one. The main event itself !! There are around a million gazillion things going through your mind, and things appear to simply be going on in one big daze. People are running around to a great extent, coming to check on you telling you to begin hair and makeup, stressing over the stylistic layout and its this out of body-surreal feeling. On D-day, in the midst of the hurry to prepare and step out to make your amazing marriage entrance, these are a few things that may escape your attention, but take it from somebody who has been there, done that.

You know those amusement park rides which take you to the top and afterward simply let you fall straight down. Interestingly enough, that is somewhat how you feel upon the arrival of the wedding. On your big day, attire is an important aspect of any brides wedding planning process, and an Indian Wedding is the same! But, stress not, while you might be in a daze, this extreme marriage checklist will help you with ensuring you are over everything.

Wanna Read A Checklist Of Must Haves Wedding Accessories??

Everything and anything should be important for a Bride, however, there are a couple of basics which would be the most look changing or occasion needed things whether it’s the survival pack for the bride or her wedding plan perfectionist. These are SUPER important to check to ensure the rest of the evening goes off easily.

Here is your ultimate Indian Bride Checklist, before
you hit the stage: 

  • The most important of all is your wedding dress known as your wedding outfit that you will be wearing on your pheras. It is said to be the most important and a compulsory ritual formed to get married.
  • The most amount of attention is given to the dress you have to adorn.
Indian Wedding Dress
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  • Jewelry needs to be on hand when the dresser is dressing the bride up. You can go with the Real Gold Jewelry which is compulsion in some parts of traditional Indian weddings or even if it has to be the fake metal with a designer look arranged by the makeup artist.
  • You should have all possible footwear ready from all ceremonies whether they are going to be the same or different, also need to be ready. Choose short heels for the occasion instead of high heels to keep you well focused and confident without encouraging unstable walks during stress and excitement.
  • Whether it is hair accessories or anything else from watches to belts which you need to add on for the wedding also needs to be in handy.
Indian wedding heels
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  • The thing that you should check is the luggage you want to carry to your new home. You should have all the bags packed, be it the one you have to take for your honeymoon or the one that you will take along to your new home. Everything should be pre-packed so that you are a little stress-free. The clothes, accessories, toiletries, other important things like your id, passport, credit cards and all need to be in that bag.
Wedding hairstyles
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  • Check up with the photographer and his concepts, if you need any extra props and discuss them out as well as the venue.
  • Now comes the meal and refreshments, the bride is, of course, concerned about the choice of menu and gourmet to be served. So do go on taste schedules with the caterer or personal cooks (Some Wedding Tips That You Must Follow). For an extra tip, keep more emphasis on the refreshment section as you know the wedding are long and you need some for yourself too and the guests.

Indian Bride’s Survival Essentials to carry along

First of all not many brides pay attention to this herself but others are told to keep this or that for the emergency end time mess-ups. Though I do suggest its better you being a bride get this little kit prepared up yourself or let the bridesmaid or an important person handle this herself

  • Keep a mobile phone in handy, to contact anyone immediately if needed or even balance your stress by talking to your groom.
  • Pack up tissues, they can help wipe any liquid of the table or floor and also your tears can be wiped off to save your makeup look for the whole day. Here is a list of what all should be in your makeup bag.
  • Carry a translucent powder, foundation to hide up the sheen which appears out of waiting or stress or heat.
wedding translucent powder that you should carry
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  • A lipstick to keep the shade well tinted before and after the wedding ceremony.
  • A straw to help you sip on water or any beverages without messing the lip makeup and of course have a bottle of energy drink or simple nimbu-pani a fav of all Indian people.
  • Bobby pins to take care of any flick of hair ruining your hairstyle. And hairspray to keep it in place without looking lumpy.
bobby pins
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  • Safety Pins to handle any end time dress defects or cover-ups when you can just pick it up and secure it.
  • Small peppermints to keep your breath fresh for all your functions.
  • First aid, aspirin, band-aid, painkillers or any other if required.

Here’s a list of must-have in your accessories bag

Extra Tips For The Bride For Her Wedding Function

  • For the bridal outfits, it’s a better choice to pick something which will fit easily or can be altered when necessary some 6 days before the wedding. Improve your wedding day with these points. If you select a designer pattern that becomes impossible to alter smaller or bigger or any other custom changes at the last moment, will become difficult to solve.
  • When selecting jewelry, remember to choose golden metal jewelry with any other basic shade of kundans and gems like maroon, green instead of other colors which can be difficult to adjust with the look.
wedding jewelry
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wedding meals that you should have
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  • Book your makeup artist appointments at least 4 months prior with all the dates and time finalized with scheduled appointments for them and yourself to be free. Do take the pre-bridal packs and treatments to get clean and naturally beautiful skin which can have 3 or 4 sittings before the wedding from 1 month too.
  • Discuss your wedding plans with your groom to be and your honeymoon destination, as well as the bookings, that need to be made prior by 4-2 months.

Have The Best Wedding With These Points

Now if you are the bride, you can relax or if you are the wedding planner, you need to work hard to keep things well organized for the bride and make this day memorable.

Happy Wedding!!

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