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The Ultimate Hip Flask Guide: What To Store, How Much And Till When!

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“Alcohol, because no great story ever started after eating a salad!”

If you are a believer in these statements and a big fan of some good spirits or maybe like savoring some on the go sometimes to a party, it is rightly said that stainless steel flasks is your best friend my friend! These flasks offer a classic and convenient way to enjoy your alcohol on the go. And if you are a lover of something good, you must take care of it! There are a few very important points that one much keeps in mind if you want your flasks to stay in a good happy condition, that enables you to have your good spirits all the time. It is imperative to keep it in good condition so that your liquor always tastes fresh. You can get the most of your flask by learning what kind of liquor to put in, and how long to keep all of it in there. You can keep your favorite travel companion (flask) in a good condition with proper care and cleaning. (With too much alcohol in your flask could lead to some hangover! We have got you covered during your times of trouble now with some hangover hacks!)

To help you with the question “How”, here are a few things that you must keep in mind if you are looking for your flask to stay with you long. 

| Filling Your Hip Flask |

filling flask

Always, like always keep in mind to just fill up your flask with hard liquor. Flasks are designed and made for using undiluted spirits, just straight! In general, it is advisable and also the best to fill your flask with hard liquors, such as rum, scotch, whiskey, or vodka. 

| Avoid Putting Corrosive or Easily Spoiled Liquors In Your Flask |

Never, I repeat never, fill up your flask with anything acidic, carbonated, or citrus-flavored. All these mentioned types of beverages tend to pick up metallic flavors very quickly and are sure to damage the metal of the flask. Also, a big no-no is to store cream-based liquors in your flask! These cream-based beverages are sure to spoil your flask quickly if not kept chilled. Sneak Your Favourite Hip Flask Into Any Party.

Here is a run-down of beverages one should avoid including:

  • Beer, cider, wine coolers, and other carbonated beverages
  • Wine and champagne
  • Cream liqueurs, such as Baileys or Dooley’s
  • Citrus liqueurs and other citrus-flavored beverages, such as hard lemonade

| Use a Funnel To Fill Your Hip Flask |

flask and funnel
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Since these flasks tend to have a very narrow opening, it can often be very difficult to fill it up without spilling, I bet you guys! 

The best way to fill up this beauty with good spirits is to place the narrow part of the funnel in the opening of your flask and by using one hand, hold the funnel and the flask steady while you slowly pour liquor into the wide opening of the funnel.

A lot of flasks do come with their own funnels for easier filling. (here are a few for you to buy). Just in case you already have, one but it did not come with a flask or if you have misplaced it, it is advisable to purchase one from your nearest department or liquor stores. 

Here is a quick trick and DIY for you, if you don’t have a flask funnel, and you just do not want to spend money on it, you can just use any kitchen funnel, and it is sure to do the trick. The only advantage that these flask funnels offer is their small size, which makes them more portable.

| Avoid Overfilling Your Flask |

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This point is just mentioned to just avoid spills and leaks, leave a little space at the top of your flask when you fill it. The best tip is to fill is just below the neck of the flask. The opening of your flask funnel should allow you to look into the flask and see when it is mostly full and you are just sorted with the best of it. Learn How To Clean Your Hip Flask Properly.

| Keep Your Flask From Overheating |

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So, keep in mind that the liquor in your flask, if gets too warm is sure to pick up the metallic taste of the flask, and you just don’t want that to happen to your expensive drive right? Always make certain to keep your flask when filled in a cool place, maybe you could store it in a jacket pocket or a bag rather than directly against your hip. The best you can do is to avoid leaving it in any place which is too warm, such as inside a hot car or in direct sunlight, when there is liquor in it. When your flask is not with you, keep it in a cool area away from direct sunlight, such as inside a kitchen cupboard or pantry.

| Limit Storage Time To Three or Four Days |

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So, these stainless steel flasks are not made and designed for long-term alcohol storage. There are no serious health risks associated with drinking liquor that has been stored in a stainless steel flask for a long period of time. However, the longer the liquor remains in the flask, the more likely it is to pick up unpleasant metallic flavors, and same again you just do not want that injustice with your favorite drink. For maximum freshness, finish off or change out the contents of your flask within a few days, or a week at the most.

If you’re interested in storing alcohol in a flask for a longer period of time, consider using a glass flask instead of stainless steel. Glass flask does not catch the taste of anything when stored for a longer period of time. Learn The History Of Hip Flask.

The main advantage of stainless steel flasks is that they are light, tough, and portable. Ideally, you should use your flask to store and transport alcohol that you are planning to finish off in a single day.

Now that you know that complete guide of how to take care of your hip flask, buy one for yourself today! This can also serve as a great Valentine’s day gift. Your boyfriend would never have expected that we are sure. Give him something out of the box this season! 

Happy Flask Shopping!

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