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Wedding Alert! The Ultimate Groom Checklist For Wedding Is Here!!

Groom Full Wedding Guide


With all the hype about wedding shopping, concentrated only on the lady of the hour, who might think the groom has equivalent fears about his shopping. Although his shopping list may not be as broad the bride’s, it by the by contains things of importance that improve his appearance on the big day. After all, it isn’t only the right of the bride, but of the couple as a whole to look beautiful and complement each other on the big day. With such wedding arranging crowding your mind and your bride’s attention on her outfit, you may forget all the formalwear. But, looking good on the big day requires a lot of pre-planning. How to go about it? Seeing as the modern-day groom is very conscious about grooming, and we are here at your rescue, we have assembled a shopping list for the groom to help him on his big day. .

Stressed that with all the wedding hoopla, you’ll forget all those wedding cufflinks? Read on for a groom’s checklist of all that you’ll require.

Wedding Attire

Your wedding clothing needs to go with the theme and style of your wedding. You will require various attires to wear for each of the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals and functions. You can go for the traditional as well as the cutting edge look and have an effect with your classy wedding wear. For the customary traditional look, you can try what suits you best from – the sherwani, achkan, kurta pajama and kurta dhoti. If you are somebody who isn’t into the Indian clothing much, you can go for, western wears. Plan and get your wardrobe designed well in advance.  While you may lean toward conventional wear for the wedding, you could go in for a formal exquisite suit for the reception. You may also color coordinate your suit to complement the troupe of your bride. Colors of grey and blue are popular when it comes to western wears.

1| Pintrest Men’s Festive Silk Kurta Pyjama & Modi Jacket set

2| Uri and MacKenzie Men’s Navy Blue Kurta Pyjama with Maroon Jacket

3| Sojanya (Since 1958) Men’s Black & Maroon Cotton Dhoti Kurta Set

4| MANQ Men’s Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit (Pack of 2)


Shop for a couple of formal shirts which you can wear with your suit or which are adaptable enough to be worn well alone because you will have a lot of rituals and gatherings to attend during your wedding fiesta. Make sure that they are flawlessly ironed, well-fitted and not transparent at all, because if it is, your vest is sure to be highlighted in the images to come, and no one likes it that is sure. You could require a couple of extras on your big day. Have a backup of shirt ready at all times, you never know when your parents will ask you to change. You might need to change if you have burnt a few calories on the dance floor.

1| Diverse Men’s Solid Regular Fit Formal Shirt

2| Dennis Lingo Men’s Slim Fit Casual Shirt

3| Allen Solly Men’s Solid Slim Fit Formal Shirt

4| blackberrys Men’s Slim fit Formal Shirt

5| Amazon Brand – Symbol Men’s Regular fit Formal Shirt


Go for a blazer that fits well, cozily on your body frame and is stylish and snappy enough for your big day. 

1| Dhingra Men’s Slim Fit Formal Blazer

2| BREGEO Fashion Party/Slim Fit Blazer

3| PAUSE Silver Solid Lapel Collar Slim Fit Full Sleeve Men’s Cardigan


Although most may incline toward the belt, but suspenders, on the other hand, are sure to make you look classy and cool. Try this look for your reception on the cocktail party to rock everyone you’re your new classy look. 

1| Riyasat – Plain Men’s Elastic Y-Back Suspender with Convertible Clip and Button, Perfect For Both Casual & Formal

2| One Point Collections Men’s and Women’s Enamel Elastic Adjustable Braces Trouser Y-Back Clip on Suspenders

3| Kesari Men’s Satin Belt (Black and White, Free Size) – Pack of 2

Jacket or Waistcoats

If you are getting hitched in summer, you could settle on a Jacket or a waistcoat and group it up with an extraordinary shirt instead of going for the full tuxedo (you will be dead with the heat, believe me). These waistcoats and jackets are sure to be more comfortable in the heat and will give you a super cool look.

1| OORA Men’s Poly Viscose V-Shape Tuxedo Style Waistcoat

2| Ben Martin Men’s Dupion Silk Nehru Jacket Waistcoat-(BM-WS-Printed-RED)

3| ManQ Men’s Blended Waist Coat

4| Dhingra Men’s Waistcoat 4-Colors

Tie or Bowtie

Pick a stylish and a smart tie or a bow tie that complements your suit impeccably. While choosing a tie make sure it has the maximum width that you want to go ahead with and a width that matched your suit’s lapel. Also, keep in mind to pick a color that is darker than the shade of your suit.

1| KANTH LANGOT Men’s Polka Dotted Bow Tie and Pocket Square Set (Black)

2| Bow Tie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks set in pack of 3

3| Axlon Men Wooden Style Bow Tie


Shop for the correct belt to accessories your wedding wear. Accessories, when added, make a great impact on your overall look. The grooms belt may appear to be very unimportant however you pick an inappropriate one and you could destroy the whole look. Take care to choose a belt that matches your shoe color. Prefer a decent quality leather belt and wear the right size for your midriff. The belt should be very simple as possible to act its job as an accessory and not to overshadow your wedding attire. If you are going to wear a detailed watch, try to color coordinate the watchstrap with your belt clasp. For instance a silver watch strap with a tasteful silver belt clasp. Stay away from flashy belts.

1| KAEZRI Genuine leather Reversible Black|Brown formal belt for men

2| Urban Forest Belt For Men

3| KAEZRI Men’s Genuine Leather Black & Brown Reversible Belt(Colour-Black & Brown

Shoes and Socks

A very important, “complete the look” part of dressing, shoes. It is true, that a good pair of shoes finishes your look completely. You can collaborate your conventional wear with an incredible pair of Mojaris As for your proper wear; go for tasteful shoes that mix well with your suit. Search for style and solace. What’s more, truly, guarantee that your shoes are cleaned and sparkling on your enormous day. The two viewpoints being similarly significant, remember to purchase quality socks to keep your feet open to during the extended periods of time that you could spend on your feet at your wedding. To make it additionally intriguing, you could consider modifying your socks with your initials, attempt splendid hues and strong prints or go topical in accordance with your wedding topic. It’s a given however and still, after all that – Never wear white socks with dark shoes.

1| BATA Men’s Peter Formal Shoes

2| SLIMSHINE Women’s and Men’s Cotton Loafer Socks (Multicolour, Free Size) – Pack of 4

3| Shozie Men’s Patent Leather Formal Shoes Formal Shoes

4| Centrino Men’s 3354 Formal Shoes

Wedding Jewelry

The Indian groom has begun experimenting with the royal look incorporating some significant pieces of jewelry in his wedding attire like the neckpiece with a single of multiple strings of pearls and kalgi, a pearl or metal brooch like ornament studded with semi-precious stones worn on the turban. You may even opt for a jeweled brooch on your sherwani to enhance the look. Do not forget the wedding ring!

1| FURE Double Metal Butterfly Chain Brooch for Men & Women (Golden)

2| Sanjog Golden Plated Metal With White Stone and Pearl Safa Kalangi for Men

3| B Double Chain Round Kilangi Brooch (Red)


Select you cufflinks carefully as each one gives a different look. Make your choice between the swivel post type and the chain link. The chain link gives a more elegant and sophisticated look. Wear them a bit for before the wedding day so that you get used to the feeling of having them on. Cuff links could be a little uncomfortable for some, which could make the wedding a little less pleasant. Therefore, practice in wearing them is essential.

1| Panjatan Glamorous Golden Stone Cufflinks for Men.

2| Yellow Chimes Steampunk Retro Vintage Watch Movement Shape Cufflinks for Men and Boys

3| Peora Really Spins Rhodium Plated Blue Globe Earth Cufflinks for Men

Put your fashionable foot forward males! 

Happy Wedding Dressing!

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