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The Best Way To Choose The Right Highlighter For Your Skin Tone

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There is by no means we can deny that the highlighting trend has dominated our Instagram feeds over the last few years. I don’t know what can I say if you were living under a rock if you do not know that highlighting has been the definitive beauty trend of 2017. (And 2016, and 2015… Well, you get our drift). Now, everyone wants a radiant and an all-over dewy skin official year-round. It has now become a staple in the makeup category and highlighter has become a classic essential just like your blush and eyeliner. 

But with the endless number of shimmery options out there, how do you know which one is right for you?

Highlighter can be super-useful—if you know how to use it. When applied on the right spots, highlighter can instantly help lift and brighten the overall look of your face. It can also help give your complexion that dewy luminous look chances are you love. But when it comes to using highlighter, it can be pretty easy to go overboard—and if you put on too much of the stuff, you can end up looking a little too shimmery or shiny.

With all that information, now you want to master the secret to that highlight for a beautiful glow? Find one that is right for your skin tone.

There is just something incredibly transformative about highlighting your face. Whether you’re the one using a cream, powder, or liquid formula, a good highlighter applied to the right skin tone can lend a beautiful dimension to your face structure which further adds up to you looking irresistibly healthy and glowy.

While several highlighters have achieved cult beauty product status, this does not mean they’re suited for everyone – in particular, for all skin tones. We cannot recall the number of times we’ve tried a highly-raved highlighter with high hopes, only to find it look rather lackluster on our warmer, yellow undertone Asian skin. 

The biggest mistake women make when purchasing highlight is to assume they’ll all look the same on them. The best way to find a highlighter that would set right and would do all the wonders is to look at your own skin tone.

This achieves the most natural and flattering highlight for your complexion that looks like part of your skin (as opposed to a galactic stripe that sits harshly on your cheekbone). Sounds very much like selecting a foundation shade, no?

Ahead, we rounded up the best highlighters for your skin tone, with a little guide as to why we love each one. Without further ado, let’s get sparkling.


Pale, Fair to Light Skin

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Let’s start with all our snow-whites out there. This sort of complexion suits everything. This complexion works very well with anything and everything under the sun, be it the pearl-hued, ice-hued, holographic products or anything in a very pale, champagne shade. When you are having such a fair tone, it is forbidden for you to try and get close to anything with a red or warm undertone, in order to avoid the Someone-just-slapped-me effect. Just in case you wish to give your face some warmth, you can apply your highlighter on top of a layer of coral-colored blush. You should go for silver or lilac toned highlighter. These shades of highlighters will help to brighten a dull complexion or give a lift to the skin in a natural and healthy-looking way. 


Light to Medium Skin

Rose Gold Highlight
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While having a medium skin tone, it is best and advisable to go rose gold and peach highlighter tones. The warmth in them with pick up and neutralize the warmth in your skin creating a glowing effect.


Medium to Olive Skin

This skin complexion category is the best and actually gets green light for almost everything. The best possible colors can be golden, peach tones, warm champagnes, and pinks. Avoid anything too silvery or cool-toned as it will just look slatey on your skin. During the summer months, apply these shades on your cheekbones as well as a lightweight eyeshadow, to create a perfect ton-sur-ton effect which will look great when moving from the shore to happy hour. 


Olive to Dark Skin

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If you have an olive to dark skin tones, you will without any second thoughts have to stick to a warm highlighter otherwise the skin looks grey and dirty. The warmth in the bronze shade ensures your skin looks fresh and glowing giving your complexion the lift you are looking for and not making you look like you rubbed your face in the ashes from the fire. It’s not a good look, people. Dark skin is perfect to have fun and play with rich highlighter tones, like rose gold and bronze. It is very important to choose highly pigmented products if you do this, and stay away from anything that is too fair or whose color is too cold and icy: this might end up looking just like a layer of dust that will wash you out instead of making your face glow, as highlighter should. To avoid this problem, add a little liquid highlighter to your foundation, this will give you a very natural and soft effect, and it won’t just be perfect for partying… It will also be good for going to work!

There you have it, a brief explanation of how to choose your highlighter should you want to wear one.

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