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Technicalities Behind The Working Of A Conditioner

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Ever wondered what the salon does and what you don’t at home. The salon stylist plays with your hair and gives you a perfect look but when you invest time and patience to do the same at home, it somehow turns out being unfavorable, leaving you to contemplate. You also would have sat down to wonder what happens as you apply the sweet-smelling conditioner which transforms your hair within minutes. The messy, undernourished hair somehow seems to transform once the conditioner is rubbed over it. Conditioners that work the best with Indian hairstyles.

The sole purpose of conditioner is to restore hydration to the strands which tend to get the most while alongside smoothen your mane. 

Shampoo helps to cleanse the dirt present on the scalp while conditioner, on the other hand, replenishes the natural oils present. Conditioner is usually rich in fats, oils, or synthetic compounds that behave like natural oils. They leave a smooth, waxy coating on the hair, making the hair smooth and shiny. Conditioners also have other chemicals and oils that balance the pH level of the hair and scalp. The pH level of your hair determines how dry or greasy your hair will be. Too much conditioner will cause this greasy look to it, most likely on the top scalp of your head. Read some shampoo hacks.

The hair is made up of different layers. The outermost layer called the cuticle, the second layer called the cortex and the innermost called the medulla. The hair usually gets tangled and frizzy. This occurs when the frayed or lifted edges of the cuticle layer on one strand gets caught on the cuticle layer on the other. The conditioner in such a scenario helps to untangle such hair. It strengthens the cuticle or the area where the cuticle cells have broken away, forming a protective layer over the cortex. Make your own conditioner.

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The oils present in the conditioner act like a lubricant, smoothening the coated conditioned pieces. The hair is a culmination of dead skin cells. It is to a great extent a dead tissue. When the hair is put under a microscope, it is visible that it is made up of flakes of dead skin cells. The shiny and glossy feel of the hair is nothing but light reflecting off the surface of such dead skin cells. And there literally exists no way to alter something which is dead into becoming healthy. The conditioner in such a scenario does nothing more than make it look healthy. It tries to conceal the dead tissue by nourishing it and give it a shine. Thus it is rightly stated that to obtain detangled, shiny, smooth hair using a conditioner is the best solution as it helps establish a healthy look.

Hair is also known to be made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin is negatively charged in the state of nature. Shampoo which cleanses the hair is alkaline in nature. Alkaline substances are known to be negatively charged. Thus, when an individual uses shampoo, he increases the negatively charged content in the hair. This increase is a major reason for frizziness causing the cuticles to flake even more than usual. Conditioner, on the other hand, is made out of low acidic content and as it is known, acids are positively charged. (Try out one of these shampoos hacks) Conditioners thus increase the positive charge, balancing out the negative charge released by the shampoo. A good conditioner thus counteracts the effects of shampoo, but also it transforms the way your hair looks and feels by creating the illusion of nourishment and shine.

The conditioner should be used carefully as it contains a low amount of acid content. Too much conditioner will develop a shiny coating to your hair and increase the amount of oils present. This would not just weigh down your hair but also make it look greasy within no time. A good thumb rule that can be followed is by using one or two-quarter sized lumps of conditioner. It is also necessary to remember to prevent applying the conditioner on the scalp. Try applying it to the lengths and ends; most importantly, avoid the roots. Applying it in this way will provide the shiny look we have previously discussed. Make your own conditioner.

It is also important to remember not to skip using the conditioner after a hair wash with the shampoo. Just as important as applying moisturizing creams is necessary after a bath, using the conditioner is equally necessary. Conditioner is like the moisturizing lotion but for the hair. 
Too much of conditioner chemistry isn’t it? I think its high time to get one too! Try pairing it with a shampoo of your choice.

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