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Some Reasons Why Males Should Shave Their Beards And The Thoughts That Follow!

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All the males imagine you have been growing your glorious beard for the past few months now and have not done any shave. Is it years already, is what you think? You’ve got my utmost respect.

While you reached your beard goals now and the time has come when you are now proudly looking at yourself in the mirror. It seems like the definition of masculinity is perfectly wrapped around your face.

But to a surprise, we all live in a society where males are taught to shave their beards and keep a clean face in order to be accepted in society and look attractive and respectable. Whenever there’s a big event coming up, maybe like an interview or a wedding – one of the first things a male is expected to do is get rid of that facial hair. 

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While you’ve grown your beard to the fullest and you like how it looks, there comes the sad news. No matter if you want it or not, there will come a time that you will have to shave off your beard. And, not all men are ready to let go of those glorious locks! 

There are a lot of reasons that forces a male to let a part of his manliness die. Live separate from his beard. Let it spread its wings and fly away.

Let’s know a few reasons that forces a male to shave his glorious beard and the thoughts that come in handy
with the process! 


From when was the process of maintaining a beard so expensive?

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There are a truck full of stuff that are to be done to maintain a healthy beard and all the tools and beard care products required just don’t come for free, do they? If its getting too heavy on your pocket, you can give it a thought to shave this part of your body for some time. 


The weather is not favoring you at the moment.

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Summer and the humid season between summer and monsoon is the time when most males shave off their beard, or maybe at least trim. Sporting a beard under that scorching sun isn’t the most comfortable thing. Your face feels as if it is covered with a blanket of god knows what and you tend to sweat like never before. There are a lot of brave beardsmen who keep their beards during the summers also, but are you that strong?


The care of Beard takes way more time and money than you could imagine.

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While growing these beauties who could have imagined that a beard would take so much time, money and effort to maintain it in good health and presentable. If you are someone who has a full-grown beard or you are someone who is thriving to maintain a good state of their beards, you must be doing at least half of the following:

  • Wash your beard.
  • Condition after washing.
  • Blowdry it.
  • Comb it or Brush it.
  • Apply beard oil at least once per day.
  • Tame it with your beard balm.
  • Style it with beard styling products.
  • Groom it with scissors and beard trimmer.
  • Trim it at your desired length.
  • Shave the cheek line and neckline.

Now you see what I mean?


You maybe have lost a bet.

Bet on a clean shave
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A lost beard is all your fault. No one asked you to bet your beard in the first place. Time to suffer the consequences and accept what’s coming. Babyface on the way. 


Your workplace does not allow facial hair.

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In the corporate world, not all companies accept facial hair and even less likely, beards. Unless you want to change jobs, this is the best time to consider shaving your beard off. Tough decision but necessary for some men.

When it is the time, the D-day to finally shave your beard here are some crazy thoughts that crosses a male mind! 

*At first stares at the bearded face in the mirror for an hour as the mind begins to wander*

jumaji what year is it
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“Ahh, the time, I still remember, when three months back I decided not to shave from now!

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“I think I have the capability to be a beard model, there is such a thing right?”

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“If I shave my face now, will someone even recognize me?? I have seen a lot of videos where the family refuses to accept the changed man. 

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“I think its time to shave, anyways it is an incredibly difficult thing to manage

dont want to Shave
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“I will again be able to have a fresh morning routine! The part where I could enjoy shaving every day and feel fresh and smooth! 

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“Okay! C’mon, now is the time, let’s do it! 

* Finally shaves and sees a part of his face *

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“Watch out ladies, there’s a new hottie in town!

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Happy New Face to You!

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