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Why Red and Green Dominate The Christmas Mood and Makeup?

Christmas Decor
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What strikes a chord when you think about Christmas? For a few, it’s brilliantly wrapped presents sitting under the Christmas tree. Others consider the special time spent with their loved ones praising the birth of Jesus. Others may imagine Santa sliding down the chimney, where stocking are hung with care.

Along with all this, it also turns out, that the color scheme has been associated with the winter holidays for quite a long time now. Each major occasion has a classic color scheme to it:

  • Halloween décor are generally orange and black.
  • Valentine’s Day is known for its reds, whites, and pinks.
  • And each year around Christmas, the world shimmers with red and green tints.
christmas Gift
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If you somehow happened to put your psychological pictures of Christmas onto paper as a drawing, odds are there are two colored pencils you’d use more than any others: red and green. For a long time, red and green have been the customary shades of Christmas. But, why would that be?

Society has for quite a long time connected Christmas with this great color combo. We’ve acknowledged green and red as the most bubbly approach to decorate treats and homes, as long as you don’t go over the edge. However, we do as such with no notion of uncertainty. Without a doubt, red and green make an exquisite pair, however, how could they become the official shades of Christmas? For what good reason? 

Why each year with the onset of Christmas, you’d see each lady adorning the shades of red, wearing red clothes and doing the most amazing red and gold glittery makeup? If you also want to have some red tint on and get some classic inspiration for your red makeup, here is your handy guide! 

christmas makeup look
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It really began hundreds of years back, when the colors were used to commemorate a different holiday and occasion. Antiquated Celtic people adored red-and green-colored holly plants for being evergreen and believed holly was intended to keep Earth beautiful during the dead of winter. So when they and different societies praised the winter solstice, they brightened their homes with holly to bring protection and good karma to their families in the coming year, only one of the realities about the winter solstice you never knew.

Also, another tradition of blending red and green dates continued into the 14th century when the colors were used to paint medieval rood screens, which were partitions installed
in churches to separate the gathering from the priest
and the alter. 

In spite of these meaningful religious conventions, there’s one people we ought to thank for confirming red and green as Christmas colors: Haddon Sundblom. Never knew about him? He’s the person that Coca-Cola procured to draw a Santa Claus for the company’s ads. 

coca cola christmas ad
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Until that point, aesthetic interpretations of Santa were rarely predictable. He was generally a slim looking person, and his robes changed between blue, green, and red. Sundblom decided to make him fat and happy, wearing red robes (and, curiously enough, a similar color as the Coke logo).

It appears that the historical backdrop of how red and green came to symbolize Christmas is a ton like the occasion itself: rooted in strict convention, modernized by corporate greed, and proceeded by spirits of satisfaction and positivity. Think about that the next time you see lights blinking bright red and green.

Are Red And Green Religious Christmas Colors?

It goes without saying that there are people everywhere throughout the world who want to keep Christ in Christmas. Therefore, one of the most-posed question with respect to the colors of the holidays revolve around whether or not they’re religiously significant. While many people flock to the colors each and every single year exclusively out of habit and style sense, some Christians believe the colors (and, more specifically, the holly wreaths they’re derived from) to be symbolic of Jesus’ crown. Where the red berries speak to Jesus’ blood, the spiky holly leaves are said to exemplify the crown of thorns that encircled his head on the cross.

Jesus Christ birth
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With red and green in focus, carols playing, the streets are lined with decorations and there’s a buzz of excitement in the air, with Christmas coming! It welcomes the busiest times of the year with social calendars getting packed out with office Christmas parties, family gatherings and end-of-year celebrations with friends. With more socializing (and usually, more photos!) just around the corner, it’s only natural to want to look your best. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Christmas party makeup trends.  From glitzy glamour to an understated glow, there’s something for everyone.

Christmas Make Up Look
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Whether you’ve got a handful of festive bashes to go to, or you want to pull out all the stops for your Christmas work do, the time has come to dust off your best dress and glam up your guise with a seriously show-stopping beauty look.  Take on the festive look with the smoky eye to classic red lips and shimmer, and make your Christmas merry. 

Happy Christmas Makeup!!

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