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Save Your Next Trip with A Personal Stylist!

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Travelling for a few of us is just any other form of activity, while for some it is an emotion. An emotion of feeling your heart beat every time it pumps, an emotion of carping all them diems. It is a movie marathon with all the genres screening. You begin with a tinge of fear in your heart garnished with overly cooked excitement and sooner than you realize the trip is already served with loads of memories. All of the travel freaks plan of making sure to get lost in their wanderlusts once in their lifetime. A few are bestowed with the opportunity to see this dream find its feet.

When travelling we all definitely want that one trip to be the defining moment of our life. Years later when our skin would have all wrinkled up and our age would have settled an agreement with the fallacious physique of ours, we all still would want to feel the shrills about each and every second we had during that trip. There is exactly one more person who wants the same for you. A Travel Personal Stylist. Well, we all are  too confused about what exactly would a stylist do on a trip. However, you can count on a Travel personal stylist on all the fronts of your trip.

Consider a scenario where there is a need to organise last-minute travel and stay accommodation for a group of newly added. Or a situation where you are in search of a piece of splendid and flawless sun-dappled styling space for a shoot as soon as possible. What if your wanderlust travel includes exotic destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Panama, Maldives, Philippines, Africa, and Japan? In the event of late changes to your schedule, you definitely are in a need of a travel personal stylist in your life. To make you meet all your needs and help you solve all the travel related problems Quasar have some highly skilled Travel Personal Stylists.

“A travel stylist can give you the personalized trip of a lifetime”, writes Sheridan Rhodes, a travel writer, and photographer who travels the globe.

Let’s try to decode what do travel stylist at Quasar actually do.

When asked an expert at Quasar, it was indeed difficult for him to summarize the job of a travel stylist because one does not search for such job profiles and you won’t find a job enlistment of such profile on naukri.com. If put in simple words, stylist at Quasar explained that a travel stylist is someone you rely upon when you need the guidance of an expert in the travel field just like you end up relying upon a hair stylist for your hair.

A specialist in this domain is, as you would expect, is passionate about all-things travel and is motivated by the ultimate goal of creating memorable experiences for his/her clients. An interaction with a human of such high travelling quotient makes the job easier for the travellers who rely a lot on a website to plan trips for them. A human connection and exceptional customer service are the defining terms of a good travel stylist. All of these qualities are what stylists at Quasar are filled with. They are able to offer independent advice and recommendations and all the advices and recommendations are custom tailored according to you.

The job of travel stylists at Quasar involve giving an extremely bespoke and sumptuous attendant service implies dealing with all the queries and detail, which keeps popping in the customer’s mind. The details could range from arranging passes to VIP occasions, getting hands-on donning and show tickets around the world, finding the closest specialist or healing centre for restorative crises. The benefit is that you are hooked with a package that is best suited for your own personal requirements at your pace and effectively, you do not end up on compromising with a clichéd package, which is not the fit for you.

All the travel stylist at Quasar are well aware of every little corner of the airport because travelling regularly is an important part of their jobs. A certain guru mantra for a stylist is appreciating the fact that individuals are ready to spend big on essential and unique encounters. However, they should not feel their money is going down the drains. Thus, it is fundamental for him/her to go out there and find first-hand the smoothest, most charming and financially savvy methods for getting things. Once an analysis is drawn, the goal now is to pass the bits of knowledge onto the customers. That is all we need right?

The job certainly sounds worth taking one. One does not feel a sense of working in the closed cubicles from 9-5 and no two days are the same. Everything from arranging shoot coordination to advising on the best inns for the group and the hiring talent, the group can work together on some genuinely remarkable occasions and wedding trips for an extensive variety of voyagers including style editors, inventive chiefs, experts and planners. While it is a great deal of fun, it is likewise an imperative part for the stylist to network and builds good relationships in order to guarantee the VIP treatment for his/her customers. Quasar live by the moto of giving utmost comfort to their clients.

The manner in which people are travelling these days is evolving. Voyagers are now looking beyond a conventional operator and are trying to make way for a company with somebody who is well travelled, or as we say it, has a good travel quotient, is enthusiastic for travel and someone who is loaded with incredible counsel and proposals. Travellers want the best for them and this is what Quasar promises to deliver.

The room with the best view, a heavy complimentary breakfast, to avoid the line and have a genuinely legitimate ordeal wherever they go. Nowadays you have your very own hairdresser, fitness coach, and advisor. So in case your last trip was a disaster, maybe it’s time to consult a travel stylist once.

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