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Home-made Conditioner: For The Homemade You

shea butter and coconut oil
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The hair is undeniably the crowning glory for every person. No matter how you look and what you do, the hair is amongst those physical features which set you apart from the rest. Frizzy hair can honestly be a big turn off. More often than not, it is not known that shampoos are a major reason for this frizziness. Go through this article which talks about the working of a few home-made conditioner to understand more about the reason behind this frizziness. But the conditioner is the only thing which can save you from the frizziness.

It’s a myth that conditioners are a major cause to shampoo more but trust me not knowing how to use it is the major reason why you have to resort to shampooing more often. Conditioners help nourish the lost oils that have been drained away because of the use of shampoos that are filled with chemicals. Conditioners soften the strands while adding shine and enhancing the feel and look of your hair. Some Mistakes That Everyone Does While Applying A Conditioner.

Most of us generally resort to using homemade, eco-friendly products to those being manufactured by big brands. Home-made conditioner aren’t all that hard to make. And they don’t really suck up all your energy. To all those who are interested in experimenting at home, try pampering your hair with the conditioner which is self-made.

There are many ways of making your own home-made conditioner but here are 4 which we think would do the magic for you!

1| Honey And Olive Oil

Honey And Olive Oil home-made conditioner
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Honey and olive oil are both natural conditioners. They add on to the moisture content present in your hair. They nourish and hydrate the flaky strands of your hair. Alongside, honey also helps prevent dandruff to a great extent. Try mixing honey and olive oil, ideally in equal amounts until a smooth mixture is formed for your home-made conditioner. Let the mixture settle for 10 mins. Divide your hair into parts and gently apply the mixture all over the hair. Try avoiding the roots to a great extent. Once the hair is filled with the mixture, cover it and leave the mask to ink in for around 30 minutes. Rinse off with a regular shampoo. Try out our list of shampoos to find something which best suits your hair. Try it once a week to get the best results. Some shampoo hacks that you should know.

2| Shea Butter And Coconut Oil

Shea Butter And Coconut Oil home-made conditioner
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Shea Butter is a major source of fatty acids and oils. It has antioxidants and is antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. With heavy hydrating properties, shea butter prevents hair breakage and helps treat dandruff. It reduces split ends and tames frizziness.

Mix equal quantities of shea butter and coconut oil, warm them until you get a melted mixture. Add a spoon of Argon oil (optional) and try mixing these together until there’s a clear mixture for your home-made conditioner. Gently apply this mixture from the roots to the ends. Once its done, let the oil set. Leave it aside for around 30 mins. Rinse and wash well with a shampoo of your choice. You can do this twice a week. Leave in vs Rinse out conditioner? Which is better.

3| Baking Soda

Baking Soda home-made conditioner
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Baking soda is an essential ingredient when it comes to the kitchen, but it also helps to enhance the quality of your hair with its anti-fungal properties. Baking soda helps to remove dirt and dust present in the hair and the scalp. It helps to cleanse your scalp and prevents infections to a great extent. But remember, too much baking soda might prove to being disastrous. Read why you should apply a conditioner.

Add one by the fourth cup of baking soda to one and a quarter cups of conditioner and mix well to get a mixture. Gently apply this mixture to all parts of your hair equally. Place a shower cap and wrap a hot hotel around the cap. Let it rest well and settle in for an hour. Cleanse it thoroughly with a shampoo of your choice. This can be done once or twice a month. This is the best home-made conditioner for all hair types.

4| Aloe Vera And Banana

Aloe Vera And Banana home-made conditioner
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Aloe vera honestly does wonders. It helps to rejuvenate damaged hair and replenishes lost hair to a great extent. It protects hair from dandruff and nourishes it, giving it a natural shine. Banana, on the other hand, is known to rejuvenate the moisture content and prevent hair loss.

To prepare this mixture, you will need a cup of fresh aloe vera gel which has been scooped out of the leaf and 2 medium-sized bananas. Blend the pump along with the bananas until there’s no lump left. Gently happy to all the portions of your hair and let it sink in for around 2 hours. Cleanse it with water and shampoo. Try this once or twice a week. Some shampoo hacks that you should know about.

These homemade conditioners are sure to leave your hair and fresh. But if you are that lazy one with not much time to waste, here’s a list of conditioners that are sure to enrich your hair within no time. Chai- Biscuits, Bread-Jam, Coke-Ice are great just like Shampoo- Conditioner. Try getting yourself a shampoo along with a conditioner then! Do tell us which one worked the best for you. Some Conditioner Mistakes That Everyone.

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