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The Perfect Make-up Guide For Dark Shinned Beauties!

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Hey gorgeous ladies!
Beauty is undoubtedly the most curious thing: it makes one pretend that it’s for a specific body type or skin tone, however, the truth is that beauty has no size, shape or color. As a rule, when we discover something, or in
reality somebody, beautiful, we can’t put a finger on precisely what we
like about it, or them.

Pro Tips & Tricks – Makeup for Dark Skin

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Makeup for dark skin tone may appear to be very different just by seeing it, but has pretty much indistinguishable rules from that for lighter skin tones. There are certainly a few hacks and tricks that you can use for dark and dull skin particularly. In case you’re simply beginning and trying different things with cosmetics for dark skin tone, you’re at the ideal spot!
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Try Bringing Out Your Features

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However easy it may look easy, it’s one of the most important makeup tips for dark-skinned ladies. Ladies with dark complexion often have prominent eyes or lips or both. And the best possible way to enhance all these features is by using makeup. For ladies with a lighter skin complexion is it good to play around with lips and eyes, but for darker-skinned ladies, this rule goes out of the window. 
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Skin Should Be Kept As The Main Focus

skin to be focus
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This goes for any skin tone, however, ladies with dark skin tone need to give additional consideration to their skin, due to their prominent features. An even base can truly do marvels to assist you with chiseling your face and feature your eyes and lips. Before you can start your make up, do a proper cleansing routine and if required a scrub session also. 

Try and make your skin all flawless with legitimate hydration. Massage some good moisturizer on your face before you start with your face. Apply it using your fingers or a tool like a jade roller, to decrease any puffiness and make the face look etched. Post this routine, start with a makeup primer followed by the makeup of your choice

Find A Foundation That Compliments You

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Foundation is the most important part of any makeup routine for darker skin. It shapes the base of your makeup look and can make or break your look. It can be really hard to find the right foundation for dark-skinned ladies but all the efforts will make sense once done. 

Preferably, your foundation should match your shade exactly, or not be more than one shade lighter than your face. It’s better to give your foundation match with your neck so that it can level out your skin tone. Making a face look lighter than the neck using a foundation is definitely not a great idea. 

Give Some Attention to the Concealer

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This is leads to the most common mistake made by a lot of dark-skinned people. To make your make up look flawless and impeccable, your concealer ought not be lighter than your foundation, else it’ll make patches of mismatched skin under your chin and eyes. We all need an all-over skin tone and not white patches somewhere in the middle of our face. 

Finding the perfect shade of concealer is very important, particularly if you have pigmentation around your eyes, chin, temple area or lips. Getting the concealer right can truly make dark skin look amazing. Try not to try too hard, else it’ll give a cakey look. Simply go for a light layer and mix it with a wet sponge. 

Go For Fun Lip Colors

Dark Skin lip color
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Lip colors are one of the most amazing things to try when it comes to makeup for dark-skinned ladies. There are a lot of dark-skinned ladies who are very afraid to try bright lips. They think that bright shades only compliment fair-skinned beauties. But babes, you won’t just know what suits you if you don’t even try! Without a doubt, dark-skinned ladies can rock nude shades and darker lip colors like burgundy, cocoa or wine. With all these colors one can also go with colors like fuchsia, lilac or coral! At least give it a try. They look excellent on dim skin tones.
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Dark Skin Makeup tips and tricks lipstick shades lip-colors

Dark Skin makeup lip color

Pair lighter and brighter lip hues with metallic eye shadow or matching smokey eye makeup look. What suits you will truly rely upon your skin tone yet it’s a smart thought to attempt various things before you choose your go-to lip color. Deep 90s dark lips look great on darker-toned ladies.
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Experiment with Lighter Lip Colors

Dark Skin makeup
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As the common myth goes that dark-skinned ladies should only wear dark lip colors and not the brighter ones, they should wear shades that are even darker than their complexion so that it “show”. But for the last couple of years, nude shades have taken over the major beauty trends, whether it’s on runways, Instagram or on the red carpet.

Dark Skin Makeup tips hack lipstick shades light party casual looks

olive skin tone for dark skin
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Whatever be your complexion, there is a perfect shade of nude for you. If you still think you have a darker skin tone and want to be a little safe, you can try nudes like sand, biscuit, caramel and cream. Also try light pinks like cotton candy, powder, blush and petal pink. Pair them with shimmery eyeshadow or winged liner. Or wear a light pink or nude lip with a darker shade eyeshadow of the same color.

You can also use these shades for simple everyday makeup for dark skin, such as for work or casual outings. Just pair it with a winged liner and you’re good to go!

Contour & Highlight with Foundation

foundation for Dark skin
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Contouring is all about creating a shadow to sculpt the face and improve its shape. To have such an effect you can go for a bronzer or a liquid contour makeup ideally one shade darker than your skin color and place it under your cheekbones, under your jawline, and on your nose to have a really sculpted look. 

If you have a much higher skin tone, you can also add some foundation in a lighter shade than your actual color to bring out the contour done. Apply it on the high points of your face, like the cheekbones, forehead, jaw and the center of your nose to have a highlighted effect. For this purpose, you can use a foundation that is two shades lighter than your original color. 

Use the Power of Strobing

strobing for Dark skin
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Utilizing highlighter the correct way can make your skin look perfect. Nowadays it’s about the dewy skin makeup or the glass skin pattern. Use highlighter on all the high points of your face, where the light falls normally, to make the illusion of shining skin. Apply it on the tip of your nose, your cupids bow and your cheekbones. You can likewise apply it somewhat on the extension of your nose, your brow and your jawline on the off chance that you like.

Ensure the look looks dewy, not slick. So don’t try too hard, and don’t spread it out something over the top. Keep the highlighting precise and pick the correct shade. Abstain from going for a highlighter that is unreasonably light for your skin tone, for example, silver or white. It’s optimal to go for a highlighter in a shade something like cream or rose gold. Give it a shot before you purchase and look at it in changed sorts of light and from various points.

Try Lip Gloss to Bring Attention to Your Full Lips

lip gloss Dark
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Dull skin women often have lovely full lips that are gifted to them naturally. So it would be an extraordinary thought to make them the feature of your face. Go for shimmery lip color, metallic shades or micro-sparkle. This is additionally an extraordinary thought for basic makeup for dark Indian skin. You can simply wear lip overlook a lovely punch pink lip-liner. What’s more, pair it with light-inclusion establishment/BB cream and winged liner just on the upper lash-line.
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There you have a complete makeup guide my dark-skinned beauties. Try these tips and get all the eyes rolling to you! 

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