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Diwali Gifting Changes From Traditional to Custom: The Age of Hamper Gifting!



With Diwali knocking at the doorsteps, it’s time for celebrations! Typically in an Indian household, a major celebration like Diwali is friends with a lot of enjoyment, and this enjoyment happens in a lot of forms – most commonly through sensory enjoyment. 

With the festive season coming close, we like to eat well, dress well( Get Some Beauty Products Which Will Steal The Show This Festive Season)  and decorate our houses and make it look nothing less than a paradise. While people shop for their homes during Diwali, the festival is also a time to exchange festivities. The custom of gifting is an age-old tradition. Giving a gift to someone is the simplest and the best way of expressing affection and love, and in some cultures, it even takes on a religious context. And when you are someone who stays away from family and friends, it becomes a necessity to gift your loved ones something special as it helps bridge the bond and narrow distances. It is where some Diwali gift ideas come to recuse.

With the festival of Diwali resonates the ides of gifting traditional items like sweets and clothes. While traditions have stayed put in India, the means of procuring gifts have evolved and progressed more towards modern methods, online gifting is one such progress that consumers seem to be moving towards. With changing consumerism and the addition of new products in the market, Diwali gifts have also seen a drastic change. While sweets do remain a stable favorite of customers, the new generation buyers are moving towards purchasing luxury gift items such gift hampers and more. (Give you friends and family some diwali hampers)

Now people have shifted towards browsing through a variety of heart-warming options online and making a quick purchase with the click of a button and getting the gift delivered on the same day are just some of the reasons why online gifting has won so many hearts worldwide! (Here are a few Diwali gifting options for your friends and family)

In 21st century, during the times of occasions, a world without gift hampers is unimaginable for many! They wonder if they do not have a presentable hamper, how would they gift anyone anything or for that matter, present gifts to their clients, associates, employers or employees? 

Because of this constant craving and need, over the past few years, people have been coming up with new ideas so as to satisfy the growing need for better and well-presented gifts. Nonetheless, unless you stay abreast with the latest trends, you are more-likely not to enjoy the growth. (Some of the top Diwali hamper trends of 2019 are just a click away)

When it comes to gifting hampers, people are moving away from chocolate hampers and the old sweets hampers and are moving towards many creative and innovative options. Here are a few hamper inspirations for you!


With the options available, now customers prefer sending and receiving gifts that bring out a more-personal appeal. They want the recipient to associate the product with his/her personality or a specific thing that happened. To achieve this, many companies are focused towards providing hampers that have been customized for the specific application. Although custom-made hampers may cost more than the ordinary item, but people are ready to pay any amount as they offer more satisfaction. (To see some custom design hampers, a click awaits.)


With the changing needs of the customers comes the changing needs of mother nature. Now the modern world has decided to go “Green.” People now try and do away with the methods that harm nature and instead are trying to embrace the ideas that are environmental-friendly. People are now looking for chemical free products and are opting for types made from natural materials such as bamboo, papyrus reed, and recycled wood among other materials. (Here are a few Diwali Hampers that matches your preferences). People now are looking for something that do not have any negative effects on the environment and are made from re-usable materials. 


The increased need for gift hampers has occurred because the traditional gift store has now been gradually replaced by online stores. With the growing technology, that has made it possible to easily ship products to any part of the world, people are now going online. Why don’t you buy gifts for your friends and family this Diwali online? 


Although not a new concept, many providers have never embraced the concept of swapping gift baskets or hampers. Usually, the hampers will be suited for a range of applications but will only be used once. Considering it may contain several items, some gifts will still remain intact. By allowing people to swap their old gift baskets with new ones, a business stands to make more sales.

There you have it! Although, gifting may seem like a basic activity, presenting and delivering gifts is part-and-parcel of the modern world. Your customers, clients, friends, associates and other people will expect a well-presented item. However, unless you know what is popular in the market, you may end up embarrassing yourself or even not making the recipient happy. The best way to avoid such situations is making sure the gift hampers and designs are in trend.

Happy Hamper Shopping! 

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