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Make-up Tips For Super Dry Skin-Winter Hacks

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It is the time of the year when the sun hides before 5 p.m. and cool winds take over! It is a clear indication of terror which is just round the corner. Winter is finally approaching! All this means gusts of chilled wind nearly knocking your face over and sucking all the moisture out of your skin to the fullest.  Read on for make-up tips for an awesome winter

No matter how much you layer yourself with all possible fluffy scarves, long overcoats, and puffy jackets, it becomes really hard to protect your supple face from those harsh winter conditions, making the task of covering up a deadly one along with bringing itself some dry, rough skin and Rudolph-colored noses which looks even worse. 

The change in weather doesn’t only complicate your hair (making it more static) and your wardrobe (too much-coordinated layering involved), it also makes your makeup routine go haywire and make it require a whole new process to be established (Read The Perfect MakeUp Routine). Suddenly, everyone starts dealing with itchy skin, dry skin patches, and so much more. It’s uncomfortable and irritating, but it also complicates the simple act of putting our face on!

But don’t worry — with all these harsh conditions, it is still possible to do your makeup and get all positive eyes to you. Here we have curated a list of few make-up tips from renowned
makeup artist to make it easy for you all:

  • Wash your face with gentle and easy ingredients
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While washing your face during the winter months, opt for something, which is very gentle on your skin, just like rose petals. Go for an all-round product, which removes makeup, tones, and cleanses without rinsing or letting the water dry out your skin. While using harsh, chemical-filled products, all your skin’s natural oils are sure to go away. The weather is already deadly for you, so it is advisable to opt for something that is soft against the skin and helps you restore all your natural oils. 

Things That You Should Know While Doing Your MakeUp another set of make-up tips are here!

  • Opt for a hydrating foundation
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When making the switch to a winter foundation, opt for a hydrating formula, as it will wear better on dry skin and add an extra layer of moisture to it. In winters, to get rid of all the cakeyness, moisturization is the key! How’s that for make-up tips.

Moisturizers That You Should Definitely Try

  • Prime it up 
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While planning to do our make-up, most of the girls tend to forget the very essential step of prepping their face with a primer. Using a primer doesn’t hurt at all. Primer makes sure that you have an even canvas to work on. If you do not apply a primer during winter, chances are that your face might end up looking flaky and dehydrated and no one wants that right? 

Changes That You Should Make In Your Winter Make-Up

  • Opt for lightweight coverage
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With weather when your skin begins to change, it’s a guess and checks system to see what works for you. During the deadly winter months, it is advisable for all to work in thin layers and not stuff your face with layers of heavy foundation to make it look more cakey and chunky. on should work by using think layer and noticing what your skin needs at that point of time, maybe a few drops of face oil which can be mixed with your foundation to have an even and hydrated look.

Winter is also the time that changes your make-up tips and routine altogether, so one should also experiment with different products, and see how your skin absorbs them throughout the day. If you are not a big fan of foundations you can also go for some CC cream or a tinted moisturizer that gives your skin a soft-focus effect while locking in moisture and calming redness. But if you are someone you loved giving your face an even base, you can opt for some really hydrating foundations this winter to give your face that much-needed glow.

  • Moisturizing is the key
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Winter is the time when you should give some special attention to the type of moisturizer you have and the one you will be using the entire season. One should always keep in mind that if their moisturizer is too creamy and the skin is “lipid-dry” the make-up will gum up when applied (Why is Moisturizing Important??). A grease-less moisturizer with ceramides and lipids will really plump super dry skin, says Reagan. Another key ingredient for super dry skin is hyaluronic acid which is a moisture binder. Both work deep in the dermis layer to “temporarily” moisturize the skin. 

Best Face Moisturizers For Winter

  • Use a fresh foundation
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What mistake a lot of us make is to keep on using the same product that they used during the summer season (Read Some Foundation Secrets). They tend to keep on using the same foundation they were using in winter without even checking the expiration dates and ingredients. Anything that is liquid is water-based, or is meant for oil control shouldn’t be used on dry skin, especially in the winter. Opt instead for a cream foundation in a stick or pot and don’t over-apply. You’ll get lovely coverage with a supple look and feel. Clean fingers are best for applying evenly as brushes can irritate dry skin.
Amazing Foundation Hacks For Your Dry And Flaky Winter Face

  • Cocktail your favorite body lotion with bronzer
Body lotion and bronzer to cure dry skin - make-up tips
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Bikinis and shorts may be over, but the adorable, above-the-knee dresses are not. By mixing a body moisturizer with your favorite bronzer, you’ll have the perfect blend to energize post-summer legs with a flawless finish. 

Try these hacks to knock away winters in a stress-free manner!

Things That You Should Know

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