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Our Guide To The BEST Red Lipsticks This Christmas

Red Lipstick on christmas
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A definitive beauty statement and an inescapable staple in each lady’s handbag – a classic red lipstick! This sassy and sophisticated shade has won the hearts of many divas.

There is something in particular about a lady with red lipstick on. Indeed, even a swipe of red lipstick can make one feel striking, alluring and confident in her own skin. If there’s one thing the entire beauty world can node together to, it’s that the ideal red lip.  The shade is similarly hot and edgy- somehow also very refined?— making it a definitive makeup power move. It’s a well-known fact—, and they’ve attempted practically every shade of red lipstick. If you’re an experienced red-tone wearer, at that point each season is fitting for an intense look

However, in case you’re reluctant to evaluate a red lip, there’s no better time in the entire year, than Christmas! During Christmastime, everything is happy and splendid, and with a shade of red, your makeup look can be as well.

These are the best red lipsticks to attempt this Christmas season, regardless of whether you’re in the market for an exemplary red, a ruby red, or a burgundy. From newly available reds to immortal tones that have stood the trial of time, Christmas is the point at which you’ll wear these astounding shades. At the point when you’re getting dolled up for occasion parties this season, a layer of red is the main completing touch you’ll require. These are the best Christmas hues, and this season is an ideal opportunity to attempt.

With so much of good’s, what is the problem? There are thousands of nearly identical red lipsticks out there, all claiming to be the best and most flattering, which can make finding your perfect shade beyond confusing.

So instead of trying something new, why not go to the OG favorites, similar to these five first top-rated and best-selling lipsticks of all times. Feel free to swipe on one of these famous shades—I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. It’s a small price to pay to change the way you look, and what better time of year to celebrate red than, Right. Now? A quick swipe of crimson on the lips oozes classiness while adding festive cheer to any holiday look.

Rimmel’s most recent lipstick release is a long-wear matte lipstick that doesn’t dry out like many formulas. There’s only one red in the line, but Fire Starter is a strong enough color to stand on its own. The name alone makes us want to cozy up next to fire this season. 

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Matte in Ruby Woo - Curiouskeeda
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Since its launch in 1999, Ruby Woo has been a favorite among makeup artists, editors, and celebs (I see you, Rihanna). The bright cherry red looks good on literally everyone, thanks to its blue undertones, which automatically help teeth look whiter. And even though it’s a matte, it won’t make your lips feel dry or flaky.

There are great lipsticks, and then there are lipsticks so iconic that they’re immediately recognizable by their shade or number. Nars’s Jungle Matte is one of these. It’s a semi-matte, cherry-red color which is loved because of its badass femme-fatale red. The name Jungle Red was inspired by a line from the movie The Women, and incidentally, there’s a matching nail polish, too.

Between the thousands of rave reviews on Sephora plus Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tweet of approval, this liquid lipstick gets all the praise—and for good reason. It’s a true red (so flattering for pretty much every skin tone) and it lasts all day without any feathering or bleeding.

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This fiery red brings the ~drama~ (so it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is a fan). The pencil tip makes application easy and precise AF, and the color is supersaturated so you only need one even coat to create a bright lewk.

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This scarlet lipstick was worn by models for Dior’s first-ever runway show (in 1947!), and it’s still loved more than 70 years later. A few swipes instantly deliver fancy French-lady vibes, without the expensive plane ticket. The formula also comes in matte and satin finishes, so you can choose whichever texture you want.

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It’s lightweight, it’s high-shine and we can’t stop wearing it. With buildable shine and colour you can create the lip look that you want. The best part? It doesn’t dry out lips. Winning.

Nars - Powermatte Lip Pigment (American Woman)
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In the realm of matte liquid lipsticks, two beauty editors were in agreement that Nars’s Powermatte Lip Pigment — in the orangey-red shade of Don’t Stop — is the best.  It’s the only formula people trust to wear on days they won’t have time to peek in a mirror. And the color works on pretty much everyone. It’s unapologetically bright and looks fun on anyone who dares to wear it.

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Okay, so this one’s technically on the newer side, but it’s honestly a legend in the making. The ruby hue was tested on 50 different skin tones to make sure it’d look good on everyone, which is pretty amazing for a drugstore brand. As for the creamy texture? It legit feels like butter on your lips

It’s appealing as a lipstick that looks good on everyone, no matter their age or skin tone, and though it’s similar to Ruby Woo in matte finish and color, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. This lipstick is surely a new classic, for sure.

With a bright red lip, you are sure to rock the festive Christmas season.

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