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Why are Flowers A Must-do Gift For Valentine’s Day?

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Have you at any point thought about what makes flowers so special?

A lot actually, considering flower’s rich history and high market demand. Today, flowers are found in full sprout for weddings, anniversaries, romantic holidays and even as a method for saying “sorry” to a friend or family member who was wronged.

The popularity of these beauties is due in part to the strong symbolism attached. Red roses have stood the trial of time across societies, representing ideals of beauty, love, romance, and even politics. Is your valentine’s day rose saying more than you want to say?

But how does the rose’s symbolism represent Valentine’s Day?

One of the customs of celebrating Valentine’s Day occurred through legends and stories that spoke about the passing of early Christian holy people, in Greek and Roman mythology. 

The historical backdrop of Valentine’s Day as said by legends originated during the third century in Rome. During this time, Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers, so he banned marriage for youngsters. A youthful minister named Valentine was incensed with this unfairness and resisted Claudius by proceeding to perform relationships for young lovers in secret. Claudius inevitably found Valentine’s activities and condemned him to death (not quite the fate of those who fail to buy their significant other flowers on Valentine’s Day, but clearly a lesson to be learned from history!).

Emperor Claudius II and Valentine
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During his time in prison, Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, who visited him in jail. Before he was killed, Valentine sent a letter to the young lady and marked it, “From Your Valentine” — an expression we all still use today. Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD. Afterward, around 496 AD, Pope Gelasius announced Feb. 14 day to honor Valentine, who at that point had become a saint. Why should you give your girlfriend an artificial flower?

Today, people (lovers actually) keep on sending flowers on special occasions or to express their sentiments of love and admirations. Why not give your loved one an artificial flower.

But why do people give flowers on this day of love? 

It harkens back to the nineteenth century when Victorians used flower bunches to convey a message to their love interests – that they were, in fact, interested. This framework is classified “floriography,” and it formally cemented the rose’s romantic status. However, the cultivation of this garden variety dates back to 5,000 years ago, in eastern Asia. Later in the Roman period, they were brought up in the Middle East and used as fragrance, medicines and party decor. Most of the roses we see today can be traced back to the late 1700s when they began to trickle into Europe. The flower itself may not be the only reason for its expression of love. The color of traditional roses, red, represents passion. Interestingly, the pink rose may stand for appreciation and grace, the yellow rose may stand for friendship and happiness, and the white rose may stand for innocence.

gifting rose valentine's day

Today, we keep on regarding St. Valentine and recall the historical backdrop of Valentine’s Day every year on February 14 by praising our affection for our significant other, friends and family. For a great many years, the center of February possesses been energy for richness celebration festivities, so it is no big surprise Valentine’s Day flowers are often the Valentine’s Day gift of choice around this season. For quite a long time, flowers have symbolized fruitfulness, love, marriage, and romance.

Valentine’s Day is also one of the biggest holidays to send flowers. The rose is the traditional Valentine’s Day flower, as it signifies romantic love, but there are many other flowers that people send to communicate the different types of love they feel for those important people in their lives.  Give your loved one a artificial flower!!

But why only flowers is the question? There’s a bit of history, but what about the flowers?

The route, harking back to the seventeenth Century, flowers turned out to be a part of the Valentine’s Day customs. Roses were particularly used as they represent love in every way. Clearly, roses were Venus’ preferred flowers, the Goddess of Love, as she accepted that they represented solid emotions. From this, people at that point began giving those they minded about roses, to show their adoration for one another. Which is obviously still lives on today. Wanna gift your girlfriend something different this valentine’s day?

Goddess of love - valentine's day
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But Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers, it’s about the delicious treat of chocolates too. Spanish explorers brought chocolate back to the Old World from the New World in the 17th Century. Unsurprisingly people loved it, and its popularity increased all over Europe. This then became the candy of choice for Valentine’s Day.

We know that roses are generally the flower of choice, but people send other flowers too. Now that you know the reason behind giving flowers to your other half, why not you buy some artificial ones so that they last in their lives forever!

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